04 January 2009

Hi from Pat Sloan!!

I'm SUPER buzzed so many of you are making my Calendar Quilt!!! Awesome! And thank you to Rachel for hosting this and letting me play along

I thought I'd give you a little inside scoop on how this project originally started...

Many many MANY years ago.... on an internet group FAR FAR FAR away... I came up with idea. I had a few people interested and I managed to do 6 month... then life got in the way.

Fast forward until about 2 yrs ago when I decided to document a year in Fabric. I present to myself. I got out the old strips but wanted it fresh and ME NOW.. so I started over. I asked if anyone at my yahoo group wanted to play and .. yippe.. they did!

Thus was born the SECOND Calendar quilt project. I finished mine as did many others.. some even quilted theirs.. shocker! Those quilters were invited to have their quilt in my 'Techniques Book'. It was SO EXCITING!

The book gives you lots of ideas and ways to make this your own.

Mine has the month appliqued on each '1st strip' and I also, usually, made that strip wider.

So that is my 'intro'. I look forward to a HUGELY successful year of calendar quilts.

If you have a question please ask.. if I don't answer send me a private email...

ps... if I was doing this again I would add in strips of the fabric from my China trip!

Big Hugs!


rachel griffith said...

thanks pat!!!

you really are the bestest!!!
i mean it.


lani said...

Im so excited about this I have your kit in my giveaway and now this quilt hummm think we are going to be good pals....thanks for all the inspiration you have given me this year and the year is so new...lani

Mad Hatter's Ex said...

How do I join? Or is it too late?