06 January 2009

Introduction from Peggy

Hello Gals!
I'm Peggy and I am excited to do this quilt! I have so much material and this will be a good way to use display them; in a coordinated way! I am still checking out the directions but will post a picture of my first rows soon! If I am to understand, there seems to be no set size for strips right?

Off to work and tonight....strip, strip, strip....well, in my sewing room!



rachel griffith said...

you stripper you.

okay sorry. i had to get that out of my system.

there are absolutely no guidelines for your strips. just make the quilt you!!!
i don't know if you have pat's book or not...but there are alot of examples in it...all using different measurements.

Regi said...

Welcome to the group Peggy!