09 January 2009


Well, I signed up to do this wonderful quilt challenge, however, life has gotten in the way a bit.

I've not been quilting very long and my stash is pretty close to nil because I've only finished two and that's all the fabric I'd have to choose from to begin this challenge. I have plenty of fabric designated for quilts so I can't cut into any of that fabric yet. I would be afraid to cut it until I've sewn on the binding!!!! You just never know when you might need that fabric!

Anyway, I'm going away for the weekend and no quilting will be done. I have about ten different fabric scraps from those finished quilts so I'll see what size the largest scrap is and start on Monday when I get back. I'll be playing catch-up...

I'm really excited to have something "to do" each day and my excitement will spill over into the completion of many more quilts.

How long does it take to build a true stash anyway? I guess I have to start somewhere!



Anonymous said...

Welcome, Gloria. I'm still a beginner, too but with grandiose ideas. As for how long to build a stash? only as long as your budget allows. Win the lotto? instant stash! LOL I look for sales and buy fabrics in colors/styles I like. I like your idea to do a different patch style each month. Barb

Kritta22 said...

I don't really have a stash yet either. I just have a few here and there....hopefully it will grow with the year!

rachel griffith said...

my stash isn't huge either.
but that's because i like to use all my fabrics...all the time.

stash building takes nothing more than lots o' money. lol.