10 January 2009

First Proof of Progress

FiberBabble 0110I've finally gotten my first 10 days together and trimmed.

I realize that trimming it at this point is probably not the brightest thing I can do (that's just me, though!).

I also realized that today's strip is a dark one and I need to write that it's my Puppy-butt's birthday! Oh, well, that's what white embroidery is for!

I've already figured out that it would be helpful to me to put the occasional number (date) on the strip. That will be helpful if I get behind (moi???) and for easier reference after the quilt's put together.

It wasn't intentional, but so far I'm working with mostly "winter" colors (wow, that just dated me). I don't know if I'll run with the concept of changing colors at the seasons... but it's something to consider.

Also, my first thought of treating each month as a single block may need to be re-thunk... these are going to be some pretty honkin' blocks, the way I'm going - this one's about 10x13"!


rachel griffith said...

ewww yeah. trimming works best later. i learned that the hard way.

well another way to keep track, should you fall behind, is this:
take a decorative straight pin {or one that's your fav color} and put that pin on the first day of the month.
figure out how you wanna gauge your days, like 5-10-15-20 or 1-7-14-21-27 and put the same colored pins on those days.
that way you aren't having to do the dates on the strips unless you absolutely want to.

i'm hoping that made some kind of sense!!!
i'm sure i could have worded that better.

Kritta22 said...

Oh I hadn't even thought about dates yet....going to do some more thinking!