06 January 2009

Hi I'm Dawn - Here's My Start

I just wanted to share the first 6 days of my Calendar Quilt. I didn't do any sewing on January 1st, so I thought it would be appropriate to start off with some Pat Sloan fabric! I'll be appliqueing a snowflake on that strip, and the third strip will be for my son Bobby, who turned 18 on January 3rd (sigh). The rest of the fabrics are all from projects that I was working on each day.
I will be keeping track of progress over on my blog Spring Water Designs (it's brand new ~ so come and check it out and leave me a comment!), and I am inviting the Sloanies group that meets at the quilt shop where I work to make this quilt along with me, so hopefully I will be show and telling for them too! Looking forward to seeing everyone's great ideas!
~ Dawn


rachel griffith said...

yayyy dawn.
i giggled when i saw the pat fabric.

us sloanies...we can't help it.

Regi said...

Welcome to the group and I love the fabrics you have chosen so far!

Kritta22 said...

Oh it's looking great!!

Happy Birthday to your son!

Dionne said...

Your progress looks great, it's so much fun to see how different our approaches are to the same thing!