18 January 2009

Lovin your work!

Wow I'm LOVIN your work everybody!!!! I took a 'cruise' through the posts and you are just so darn CREATIVE... WOOT!

The library version is going to be soooooooo awesome... can't WAIT to see some of those blocks.

And don't worry how it will 'look' in the end. You'll be able to set anything you do .. I promise!

I decided to day on ONE of my words for my celebration quilt.. it's going to be a take off of this Calendar project. I'm letting it 'perk' on it's own and I'm not rushing it.

Maybe I will start it in 2010 and you can join me.. what do you think?

Had to find a fabric image.. someone mentioned Elvis on my swap list so I found this at Fabric.com! (CLICK RIGHT HERE if you NEED some!)

pssttt... be sure to visit my blog!


rachel griffith said...

rub it in some more pat...
'cruise in'


i'm up for the celebration quilt.
you know me.

lani said...

Im with ya in 2010 Pat.....my calender seems boring right now and I need to find some inspritation on the lettering for name of the months....

splendid said...

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