24 January 2009

Calendar Quilt Update

Calendar 2009 Quilt Update:
In case you can't read the print on the picture--so much for my bright idea to put it in paint and then just type it in! It says: Here is the updated picture through January 25, 2009. Is it just me or is it not gelling together? Maybe I should have done as everyone else did and just do strips. Guess we'll just keep going and see what happens with February and figure out how I'm going to separate the two months. Anxious to see how everyone else's quilts are looking. January is almost over y'all!



Kritta22 said...

I like has it's coming together. If you are worried about space...you could do strips every other month. But i like it how it is.

Nanabarb said...

Gadzooks, Shelly-nobody told me it had to gel!!! ;0) I guess mine will gel when I set the triangles! LOL

N. Canadas said...

I really like the way yours is coming along. I don't know how big each of your little squares are but it could look like a calendar in the end. Make each month one big block and use a solid color to connect them. I originally didn't really like the idea of a calendar quilt but you have inspired me with your take on it!

T said...

I think it's pretty clever, putting the squares in like that. If it gets to be too much like a charm quilt or if you want some sort of differentiation between the months, you can fill in the "blank" days leading up to the after the last day of the month and those leading up to the first (which won't happen until the end of March, according the paper calendar I have here!) with a solid-color strip.

Are you planning to put a border around each month? That will help them stand on their own and have a little more importance, too.

Maybe you could follow the layout of many print calendars and put a row at the top of each month representing Mon-Sun - that might gel ya!

Tracy in SW WA

Regi said...

I like how its turning out. Perhaps as some have suggested give each month a border and perhaps even sashing between each month.