05 January 2009

All caught up

Here are my first five strips.  I've made them 10.5 x 2 when I cut them, just because.  

I finally got the christmas decorations and tree down yesterday, and cleared the holiday clutter from my sewing studio so I can find my fabric and machine again.  

Digging through my 'unsorted scraps' bin this morning made it hard to choose just five for now!  This is going to be so much fun....


rachel griffith said...

i like that color palate.
nice & warm.

can't wait to see your quilt take shape.
good job and putting away your decos...i'm SO slacking there.
{i'm sticking to the story that they are winter decos too.}

Kritta22 said...

I love it!!

otterdaughter said...

thanks for the happy comments. I may end up chopping the strips down and making a chinese coin type quilt out of this, but who knows at this point!