08 January 2009

Jan 8 no organizing today

alas... it couldn't last! But I'm happy with what I've done so far. I did get all the boxes out from under my machine, labeled and into the closet... actually 2 closets. I finally emptied out our ski jacket closet... we are originally from NY then VA and now in TN we really don't need all the ski pants and jackets. They have been sitting in that closet practically since moving here 6 years ago with only an occasional use of the jackets. And since my kids (and unfortunately me too) have grown in the last 6 months, as kids usually do, nothing much fits anymore. So that went off to Goodwill. The Mary Kay went to Genesis House and they were thrilled! The Girl Scouts, unfortunately, got way layed somewhere and didn't get their donation, but it can sit in the family room for a couple more days without anyone getting into it and deciding to keep something. So I'm patting myself on the back for a job well done!

So today my Mom scheduled an aide to sit with my Dad (he has alzheimers and his health is failing) so she could do some grocery shopping and search out and purchase some other things she wants for the new house (they bought a house around the corner from me this summer and moved down from PA so that I could easily be there to help with Dad and support her). Anyway she needs extra car space to transport packages and wants me to drive with the van so she doesn't have to make several trips to unload the small car at the house. So that's my day today.

Tonight is my sewing night. Six of us meet at Sue's house on Thursdays from 6pm til exhaustion...she has a large sewing room constructed atop her 2 car garage and therefore lots more room than any of us. Today Kim is teaching us how to make a simple casserole cover. Then Sue and I belong to the same quilt guild and we will work on Friendship Star blocks to be constructed into baby quilts for one of our guild's charity projects. Most of the time we just work on our own projects, but we decided to take one or two nights a month and work on something together... that's why I'm teaching the santa applique class. Kim wanted to teach us the casserole covers so we could use them for dinners before the holidays, but we were all so busy with Christmas gifts we didn't have time.... but we'll be prepared for next year! :<}

Ok off to start my day. Have a good one yourself!



rachel griffith said...

busy as a bee you are!!!

Kritta22 said...

I agree with Rachel...busy, busy busy!

i love that you go quilting!!