05 January 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Hi this is Cheryl, Polka Dots and Rick Rack, and I am so excited to be part of this challenge. I just joined last night and received my official invitation this morning, so I am a bit behind on the sewing part, but I will catch up. What a fun and great challenge. I even got inspired and ordered Pat Sloan's book for some tips. Wishing all of you a good first full week of January and I am excited to see every ones progress and get inspired along the way. Thanks for organizing this Rachel :-)!!!!!!!!!!


rachel griffith said...

you ordered the book.

pat said that she would sign everyones books.

can't wait to see your quilt come to life.

Regi said...

Welcome to the group!


Kritta22 said...

I was thinking of ordering the book too!!

Gotta wait for payday!