19 January 2009


I was not sure if any of you heard about this yet, I got my invite the other day. It is sort of like Ravelry for knitting, but this is for quilters. I have an album for this project to also help keep track of, if any of you are there, friend me my name there is luv2knitnsew. Oh btw I am also luv2knitncrochet on ravelry if you want to say hi. Just some info, have a nice night everyone!


pat sloan said...

who is running the quilt site.. interesting... hope it works well!

on ravelry I'm pattycakes.. make me a friend!

Regi said...

wow... very awesome. I am a member of ravelry (user name Rainn) but this quilting one sounds fun. I will have to check it out.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Oh count me in too, I'll be checking it out as well. Thanks for the tip on it. Shelly

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