05 January 2009

Striping has begun.....;-)

I got it going on!! Here is my beginning!

My strips are 2" X 12.5", why you ask...well I had quite a few left over from a log cabin block swap a few years ago so why not use 'em! Just will make mine a tad bit larger is all.

I am also going for the dark/ light sequence...will make it easier to not show the seams , press to the 'dark side'....ha!!

I think it may be easier to sew this baby up then to pull fabs and cut all the strips! ;-)!

I am just going to add a label to mine stating the dates on it.

Now I just might have to applique some thing on it too but we shall see...doing these baby steps first!!!!

Look forward to seeing our progress !!

Thanks Rachel for hosting!



Carrie P. said...

Great fabrics Lola.

rachel griffith said...

ooohhh'ing & aaahhh'ing here.

can't wait to see this quilt come to life.