11 January 2009

Picture of my work...outdated

So I really like Dionne's idea about having her son help with picking the fabric.

SOOOOO I cut up about 370 different kinds of fabric scraps I have and threw them in a big bucket. Everyday I've had Connor pick one out. It's really fun!

He doesn't understand it yet but maybe by June he will. Or even if he doesn't, that's cool too. He'll just have a quilt that he helped make. How cool is that?!

I am going to hand stitch in the months but haven't for January yet!

Thanks for the idea Dionne!


rachel griffith said...

oh snap look at that tricked out name tag!!!

i'm SO digging that connor is helping you!!!

TheCounsils said...

That is a great idea to have kids pick the fabric... hmmm... might have to try that next month... although I don't know if I will have 300+ different pieces of fabric...

Thanks for the idea. I have twins so the picking will be interesting..