19 January 2009

Need Ideas on Give-Away for 100th post..

Hi all... I'm coming up on my 100th post and I would like to do a give-away... but I need ideas... my dog friends are being silly and tell me stuff like a new wardrobe... so I'm coming to you guys for ideas... I've made things like dog/cat collars, wristlets, coin/credit card purses, totes, diaper bags, tag blankets.. I mean I can make just about anything you can sew.. I just need ideas... if you want to visit my blog it's www.maplecreekracing.com/mcrblog.

Thanks for any suggestions,
carol in PA


Carrie P. said...

Congratulations on your
100th post. You can go wrong with fat quarters for the giveaway and anything you make would be great.

rachel griffith said...

oh congrats.
i was gonna say that fat quarters ALWAYS rack in on giveaways.
{along with jelly rolls & layer cakes.}

{i just did a giveaway that was a purse and i had 209 peeps want it.}

Anonymous said...

How about a small tote with goodies inside!

GARI said...

I currently am in the market for a cell pouch so I think that would be a great givaway, but only if I win it.

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