04 January 2009

button love.

okay yall.
i'm SUPER excited to see that some of yall have already started posting.

and i saw our team mom dropped by too!!!

first things first:
check your inbox!!!
you'll have an email from 'rachel griffith' inviting you to be an author to this blog.
{this is ONLY if you already sent me your email address like i asked you on my blog.}

i am adding our team members names to the sidebar AS FAST AS i can!!!
i need to have everyone's 1st names and the correct link to your blog.
{or in MANY cases the blog you want to use.}
i'm still adding to this list.
chances are if you don't see your name over there yet i'm either:
a} working on it as we speak.
b} i don't have your first name.
or c} i don't have the link to your blog.
if i have skipped you, please email me.

i assure you that if i have missed you on either point...
it's completely accidental.

i know that a bunch of yall already took the button along with the link posted on my blog.
it has the correct link to THIS blog.
please, please, please do this.
it will take 2 seconds.
we want people to come to the right blog.
all you have to do is right click and save. the link is already with it!!!

and lastly:
yall rock!!!
thanks for joining in!!!
keep sharing those pics!!!
you can upload as much as you want!!!

p.s. yall might wanna add the calendar quilt challenge blog to your blog roll.
just to make sure you keep up with all the posts.
{you don't have to...just a suggestion.}

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madakamom said...

Hi, I'm hm and I live in TN. I'm a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother to be. I took a quilting class when we moved here 6 years ago and started machine quilting for others 3 years ago. I've been lurking at pat sloan yahoo groups but they seem way too productive for me. This sounded more like something I might be able to keep up with. I just have to sort through my stash and start stripping. I think my biggest challenge is going to be figuring out the computer stuff like posting. I'm hoping this will work.. It's my third try.