14 January 2009


Shelly - may I butt in? I (having nothing better to do!) sat down and wrote it all out. There are 90 days in the first column (Jan-Mar), 91 in the second (Apr-Jun), 92 in the 3rd (Jul-Sep), and 92 in the 4th (Oct-Dec). Pretty darned close. I decided I also wanted to use one "static" strip to separate each month from another (so I'm adding two more to each column). I figured I'd just sneak in two extra strips (or one deeper one) in the Jan-Mar column, and 1 extra strip in the 2nd column - in order to make them the same length as the 3rd and 4th. Heck, it's a quilt - not rocket science - so I'm going to break the rules as I please :-) Also, I bought a small journal where I'm keeping all this information, as well as writing down each day of the year, and jotting down a word or phrase for each day - might be a feeling, or the weather, or an event. As I cut the strips, I refer to the journal entries and BOLDLY choose fabric (FROM MY STASH!) that reminds me of my entry. You don't want to know the whole story, but we found a bloody milk jug on our deck on January 9, so that's what I wrote down for that day - I can't wait to BOLDLY choose something that reminds me of that! I've got strips cut for the first week and so far they are looking pretty darned good! I'm also fussing over what to do with the REST of the 1" x 42-45" strip (after I cut 10" off), and have been daydreaming about table runners, tote bags, etc. There'll be updates on my blog, for sure! Hope you have fun with your quilt - I already am!


{posted by rachel for nadine.}


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Cut in anytime you want. So was that really you Rachel or Nadine by you? Just curious as I can't wait to see what this bloody milk jug (and would love to hear the story) fabric looks like! LOL

rachel griffith said...

i got this in an email from nadine, but i'm pretty sure she meant to pist it here. so i just uploaded it for her.

so it's really nadine.

Kritta22 said...

I can't wait to see!