04 January 2009

button tutorial.

after many questions
{and many emails later. lol.}
i've decided to do a short tutorial on putting the button on your blog.

this is for blogger users.
{i think almost all of yall are blogger users.}

to add a button to your sidebar:
on the right taskbar is the challenge button.
or you can get it here.
right click on the 'button' and save it to your computer.
{using 'save picture as'}
you will need to then go into your 'layout' tab on you blogger account.
there you will click 'add a widget' on the right hand side.
you will choose the 'picture' widget.
there you will add the button photo.
hit save.
then you can place that widget where you want it on your sidebar.

hope this helps.
if yall have any questions...feel free to ask.


laurie in maine said...

I just updated mine with the correct address the only way I've learned...take a deep breath, open Blogger template and fiddle with code. Scares me every time! I think I've done it :) I ran out of Photo space a couple of weeks ago so added a different email as author of my blog. I'll try adding the one I'm signed up with here - or adjust the profile so it's linked with my blog. (I'm still getting used to my new split personalities - it was the only fix I could figure out so I could post pictures again :)

rachel griffith said...

it worked perfect laurie.

sweetbabies00 said...

I am trying to figure it out.
angie.estlund@hotmail.com I know it's operator error at this point~!

Shanna said...

thank you so much for the help! seems so easy now :o)

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I too updated mine with the correct address link. However, I did not get the email you mentioned sending to everyone to be able to publish on this blog. ???