31 December 2008

calendar quilt challenge '09

please join us on a special quilting journey.
let's make a calendar quilt together!!!

what's a calendar quilt???
well...the idea is to make a strip quilt by adding ONE fabric for EVERY day of the year.
you pick the appropriate fabric for that day...depending on holiday, occasion, or even your mood.

guidelines are SUPER simple:
does NOT have to cover a one year timeline.{it can be a record/memory quilt.}
deadline for completion is one year.
our quilts will run from 01.01.09-01.01.10
this means the quilt top itself.
{quilting & binding can be completed by the end of january.}
you can work at your own pace.
you don't HAVE to do a strip a day.
you can do a week at a time.
{even a month at a time.}
PLEASE sign up by january 7th.
{you can sign up in comments.}
if you need a steer in the right direction, you can follow my lead.
{or feel free to alter these to make your own!!!}

i will be using:365 - 1" x 10" strips {ALL from my stash.}
making 4 columns of strips. {3 months per column.}
3 sashing strips {10" wide.}undecided on borders. {game day decision.}
i WILL use applique on my sashing strips.

there are endless possibilities for YOUR quilt.
NO two quilts will be alike.
{especially if you focus on busting your stash!!!}

another really cool point is this:
sometimes i feel guilty for not sitting at my machine EVERY single day.
this challenge will ensure that i will.
so to me...this is like 2 challenges in one.

now i can NOT take credit for this idea.
ALL credit goes directly to pat sloan.
you can find VERY detailed ideas/instructions in her book "favorite techniques"
{yall can see a picture of pat's calendar quilt through that link as well!!!}
thank you pat SO much for this inspiration!!!

please sign up by january 7th.
this will ensure that we all start at around the same time.
{it's SUPER easy to catch up...just sew your first 7 strips together.}

if we have at least 25 people sign up...i'll make a new blog dedicated to THIS project!!!
we'll be able to share pics easily and motivate each other.
welcome to our blog!!!

thanks in advance for signing up.
if you do join in...please copy the button on my taskbar.

i'm SUPER excited to host my first challenge.
if yall have ANY questions feel free to ask them.
i'll answer them in the comments for all to see.