07 January 2009

Another straggler signing in!

Hi all:

I live in Canada and started the calendar quilt in Sept. 2007 at the beginning of my 30th anniversary year. I hoped to finish it by September 8th, 2008 which was our anniversary. I do have some strips sewn together, and have a partially completed diary of the whole year. I email with two friends everyday and I'm now going through old emails to see what I did on those days!! What a job...wouldn't it just have been simpler to jot it down everyday? How hard is that?? Amazing how quickly you forget those things you want to do everyday. I asked Rachel if I could join the blog as well to keep me focused and she said "Yes" :-). I hope to be motivated to work on it by being reminded of it with the blog. We have sold our house and are building a new house...moving date is March 31st, so there will definitely be interruptions.

I am also stuck on a few fabrics to represent certain occasions. Once I get my act together, I'll post a note which ones they are as I can't remember! Looking forward to the motivation.

Jacqui in Canada


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COngrats on the new house!!