22 June 2009

winner alert!!!

congrats go to stacey!!!
she's the winner of my boy oh boy charm pack!!!

20 June 2009

all ketchup'd

just wanted to let you know that i took advantage of pat's weekend shindig and got all caught up, now i have no more fabric. so some nice people offered to send me some scraps, when they arrive, i can continue on my calendar journey, you guys are great, thanks for letting me quilt along!!
oh, these are my april, may, and june months up until june 24th. i am all caught up with a couple days to spare!!

Ketchup Weekend!!

LOTS of ketchups!

Be sure you load a photo of your calendar quilt (or other project) that you are 'ketching up' on.....

don't miss out!

19 June 2009

anyone up for helping??

hello all!! i must say i am loving what i am seeing here. the reason i am posting is rather needy, you see we moved, and all my stuff is in storage. what i was wondering is if anyone has some scraps they would be willing to part with so i can continue on my calendar journey. I have a piece from everything i own, and i am running out. i am a little behind, plan to catch up as much as i can in a little bit, and some this weekend. i have enough to go through may and into june. i do not however have more to continue through the year. instead of going and buying fabric that i do not have the money for right now, i was wondering if anyone wanted to send some scraps my way?? my pieces measure 2" x 8 1/2". so the pieces would have to be big enough for me to cut that size. Let me know if you are interested, and i can give you my mailing address. you can contact me by email at


17 June 2009

June Block

Well, here is my June block for the calendar challenge...i can't believe the year is half over! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

15 June 2009

Hi guys just a check in......

I know the one picture is upside down and that was not easy for me to do ...Enjoy the pictures I will check in again soon....love U all..God bless....

12 June 2009

playing "ketchup"

okay ladies...let's "ketchup" our calendar quilts!!!
{and be in the running for these goodies!!!}

see pat's post for all details.

09 June 2009

June = rainbow!

a little bit ahead of the game..but once i got started, i didn't want to stop until i could see the rainbow effect !

08 June 2009

Give away at my blog today

I want to be sure none of you miss my giveaway today on my blog!

I'm doing the giveaway to celebrate the new site 'Sewn' that will open tomorrow!! The site owner did a big thing for the past month and I'm just catching the tail end... but... you can get in on it today!!!

Also sign up for my
new newsletter if you didn't get one yesterday... link on the blog!

Go tell me how YOU started to sew.. and maybe win the prize!

PLUS ... Rachel and I are talking about a 'Catch Up' weekend... more on that soon!!!

06 June 2009

All caught up

My calendar quilt is completed through today. When/if I ever figure out how to post photos, I'll do it. Thanks for the invite, Rachel!

05 June 2009

Time Flies Like an Arrow...

...Fruit flies like a banana. (Groucho Marx)

I was just hoping for a "time gets away from me" quotation, but I'll go with the banana reference.

Apr BlockHere, in all it's glory, is my APRIL block, finished in various shades of... (wait for it!!)

banana. (I am so easily entertained!)

This block/month is the same length as my January block (36"). It's a little bit narrower, but I won't hold that against me.

Apr Block Detail
Detail from the Ellie's Quiltplace Country Calendar BOM.

I am now officially JUST one complete month behind on this and any other BOM that I am doing this year. I'm calling that half full!

04 June 2009

Yes, I know it´s already June......

......but today I finished April, only the stitcheries are missing. Tommorow I will put my first four months togehter with the sashing, and then go on with May.

This is the fabric I have purchased for my sashing and borders, dark grey/brown with grey dots. Really love it!

Happy Stitching