31 December 2010

Finally....It was done!

Managed to complete this few hours before the end of 2010. Though it took almost a year to complete, I was overwhelmed with the final results and such a relief. The backing fabric was a simple lantern prints and this quilt measures 88 x 68 inches.

Just to wish everyone here, a Happy New Year - 2011!!!

20 February 2010

Calendar quilt - top completed!

It isn't completely finished, but I am really happy to see it put together this much already!
How are your calendar quilts coming along?

01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy Happy New Year everyone!! I am so excited to see who has finished a calendar quilt.. yeah you!!!

If you didn't finish and still want to continue on in 2010.. and it is SO WORTH doing believe me.. then come on over to my forum topic. I have people starting today.. you can just start on the last day you need to do and continue forward.. it's ok!
CLICK HERE to the Forum

Here is my quilt and Happy New Year from Pat Sloan!!!
(I'm running a giveaway today and another starting Jan 2.. come visit!)