14 January 2009

Jan 14

OK, what am I doing wrong now! Still trying to upload pix of my strips and organized closets and sewing room. It starts like it is uploading... the dots go half way around the yellow triange but then stops... the blue bar goes across the bottom of the screen like its loading then just sits there and looks at me. I gave up after 5 min of staring at it... willing it to work! Any suggestions???

I did get one of the background fabrics cut for all 12 blocks of my santa quilt. I traced the first block picture and chose the fabrics, so I'm ready for class on the 29th. I still need to find a second background fabric for the "flooring" part of the background for the other 11 blocks. It's too cold to go out shopping today though! 18 deg. !!! I'll wait for a heat wave to hit!

Today I think I will work on one of MY quilts... I have three... one dresden plate top that I bartered for this summer because I loved it and one carpenter's star top that Sue pieced for my birthday last March! I also have Rosewood Cottage that I hand pieced for my self and am about 1/3 done hand quilting. It's about time I completed one for myself... everyone else in the family has one from me but me! When I get tired of that I still have 2 sunbonnet sue blocks and 2 underground railroad blocks to finish for those two quilts. It's not like I have nothing to work on! LOL!!! I just need to find some energy today.



Kritta22 said...

ohhh I hope you figure out your picture issue...I wanna see pictures!

rachel griffith said...

i think that you need to resize your picture. it sounds like the file is too big to load.

hope this helps.

madakamom said...

Ok Rachel. I think you are correct. I looked at the pictures I was trying to upload and they were 28 mb. the casserole cover pix were only 2.5 mb. They were taken with the same camera and downloaded the same way. I have no idea why there is such a difference in size or how to resize them. Do you???


rachel griffith said...

you can resize them at a few different websites.