09 January 2009

A Notable Day

My grand intentions of sewing 8 strips on Wednesday in hopes of being a step ahead... well, I got sidetracked. I began disassembling a mountain of fabric/etc. in my sewing room that I'd been walking around for who-knows-how-long. Here's what I found in my archaeological dig:

4 sets of fabric for aprons
1 almost-finished apron
2 apron patterns
1 tube of E-6000 glue
various scraps smaller than a FQ
5 UFO's
1 pair of Christmas socks
3 lengths of garment or crafting fabric
3 lengths of interfacing
5 skeins or balls of yarn
various weird-a** knitted/crocheted THINGS (I have NO idea what I was thinking!)
1 knitted teddy bear
4 lengths of batting
1 sweatshirt
2 cold-weather knitted items that I could have used LAST week
20 FQ's
35 pieces of fabric that are larger than FQ's but smaller than "yardage"
43 "yardage" fabrics
2 finished potholders
1 bra (????? I don't normally sew while topless. I sure hope it needs mending!)
1 MQ test sandwich
4 shirt plackets (not the shirts, just the plackets with the buttons)
two printed-from-the-internet quilt patterns
1 fabric wallet
1 purchased wallet (both empty, alas)
2 random lengths of binding; one PURPLE and one black

I was so traumatized amazed that all thoughts of sewing just flew out the window. (Assuming that one could get to the window in my sewing room!)

But today is a notable day, so I can no longer procrastinate (not that I want to procrastinate anyway): My 3rd grade grandson is going on his first date!

Apparently his mom overheard him on the telephone giving instructions to their house, and then trying to get instructions - she said it was quite entertaining listening to an eight-year-old giving driving instructions. Once my daughter got on the phone with Sophie's mom, they both found that the kids had set up a play date and only brought the moms into it because somebody needed to drive!

When my daughter reminded the boy that he was grounded, he said, "But Mom, you've seen her. She's so cute!" Apparently all else is forgotten in the throes of romance!

Watch this space for actual photographic evidence of sewing here at Chez Babble...


Anonymous said...

My question is: Where are you going to put that mountain of lost and founds? Barb C

madakamom said...

Sounds like you had an organizing day like I've been doing. Way to go!


Kritta22 said...

LOL I love the date! Definately a HUGE day in history! So cute!

If you find any fabric that needs a new home, I have a great little place for it! :)

Kritta22 said...

PS When you are done organizing your room, wanna come do mine?

rachel griffith said...

quilting topless!!!
that cracked me up!!!

how cute he's having his 1st date!!!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

LOL! Love the mountain of stuff you found in that room...I'm working on my sewing room tomorrow and I'm sure I'll find a few of those types of items too!

ROFLOL a date with 8 year olds....too cute!!

Jacqui in Canada