08 January 2009

Hello from me .... Rachel M-P

Hi Everyone. I'm Rachel from the Four Wise Monkeys (the OTHER Rachel). I live in Ballarat, Australia with my husband and four children. At the moment we are enjoying our Summer holidays.

I've been thinking about working on a block a day style quilt for awhile, so this challenge is just perfect! My plan is to make these simple blocks, just using a 3" square and 1.5 " unfinished borders. So far I have managed to use just blue and brown fabrics, but I have no doubt that some other colours will appear before long. I'm also planning to embroider names and ages on each block on everyone's birthdays.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone's quilts come together over the year.


lani said...

Summer what the heck...I love your idea keep me posted ...ya gotta love the different ideas everyone is coming up with...have a good day..lani

rachel griffith said...

the other rachel.
LOVE it.

like i said on your blog...LOVE that idea.
i really am going to enjoy watching your quilt come to life.

Lisa said...

I love your blocks they are adorable! I can't wait to see the end result!

Kritta22 said...

so awesome!