07 January 2009

I'm Not An Overachiever

...really I'm not. Sure! No problem! It's the beginning of a new year, all things are fresh! UFO's? What UFO's?

I'm Tracy, aka "T" over there on the sidebar (Rachel, feel free to change that if it bugs you!). I live in SW Washington with my husband and little dog. I'm also apparently in the running for the title of Queen of Denial.

I love the idea of this project. One little strip a day. I've already gotten some great ideas from other posts - I like the idea of writing on the strip when something "happens", and, hey! My sewing machine will make letters, too - though it's been ages since I've used them. Of course, I have fine-point Sharpies if I want to just WRITE on the fabric. The weight loss journey? Not sure if it's for me, but it's a stellar idea. :-) And I just love the idea of using a piece of fabric from whatever I'm working on for the day.

The hardest thing for me will be to NOT over-think. I'm so tempted to do math and plan, plan, plan! It will be probably quite a growth experience if I just limit myself to sewing one strip a day without making it all complicated!

At this point, the only "design" I'm toying with is to keep each month's strips separate and treat each month as a block at the end of the year.

My blog is here. Chock-full of random babble and occcasional quilty and yarny goodness...

Right now I'm trying to dig out my sewing room from the madness that was holiday sewing. Once I have a clear spot, I'll sit myself down and sew SEVEN strips together - Woot! Maybe I'll go wild and put on an eighth strip because I know I'll be gone for most of the day tomorrow. Planning ahead? There's a first time for everything!


rachel griffith said...

okay so i *might* have a little touch of ocd...and the 't' WAS bugging me a little bit...so thanks for saying i can change it.


Kritta22 said...

LOL I love it!!