26 July 2009


With a bit of a beach and ocean theme...

25 July 2009

July Completed

Firstly, thankyou for the lovely and encouraging comments. I can't believe I still have a few days left of July and here is my calendar block.

The fabrics for July are from my lovely lovely neighbour who lives about 10km (6 miles) away. I asked her if she would like to swap some scraps for fat's and two days later she deposited a packet of strips in my mailbox.
Hopefully I can stay more on track for this second half of the year.

17 July 2009

Half Way

So here we are half way through the year and I've managed to keep up, yipee!
Here is my month of June . . . all fabrics have been won on ebay over a period of time.

April, May and June all together. Of course I'll be joining them vertically to form the second column of my quilt.

Not only have I finished sewing the first six months, but I've gone back and embroidered the name of each month on the first days. Just as well, I needed to think for a short moment which was which month for a couple.

To be really on top of things, I've also sewn the strips together for July. Like the month of April (fabrics from BFF Kerry) and June (fabrics from ebay), the fabrics for July are not from my stash. Once I've embroidered 'July' . . . I'll show and tell.
It's so exciting to see the months laid out to form half a quilt top, I'm very pleased with it so far. Hope everyone else is having some sewing time.

07 July 2009

I "MAY" Get Caught Up!

Okay, so I can't dazzle you with my impressive time management skills, so you'll just have to put up with weak puns.

FiberBabble's May blockMy MAY block is finally finished. It really only took an afternoon, but I had procrastinated because all of my scraps are were in one paper bag and it was a pain in the patoot to dig through for only purples (or yellows or whatever other color theme I thought I was doing).

After pulling out clean coffee cans, shoe boxes and empty licorice buckets (mmmmm...) I separated my scraps into color families. We'll see how long that lasts; one paper bag takes up much less space! (Okay, I'll probably get some sort of stacking storage or something - this is too useful to abandon.)

So, anyway here it is. Approx. 6½" wide and 17½" long. No telling when June will be completed, but at least there's hope!

ETA: I seem to have chopped off the bottom of the block in the picture... there really ARE 31 fabrics in it!