08 January 2009

Annie's Quilting Stash Podcast...

I don't know how many of you listen to Annie Smith's podcast, but she asked for ideas for stash-busting. I submitted this quilt challenge as an easy, no-pressure method for making a dent in your stash.

I gave her an overview of what we're doing, and the blog address. I, of course, let her know which of Pat's books the technique came from and that she (Pat Sloan) is our Project Fairy Godmother!

I don't know if anyone else has also let Annie know about this super fun project, but we might get some exposure!

Thanks again Rachel for starting this super-terrifico quilt challenge!



Kritta22 said...

way to go! Awesome!!

rachel griffith said...

hi-5 dionne!!!
that's awesome.

i don't listen to annie as much as i should.

S said...

Love your music - where can I get it? thanks, Susan