09 January 2009

I am nutters

I have been a good girl and sewing my strip a day, when it hit me in bed last night that I was doing it all wrong!

I should be taking my strips and making them all different widths and lengths (on one end with the same background making up the rest) so they can be turned on end and look like books on a library shelf!!!  (I don't paperpiece, but it'll look something like these blocks (look 2/3 down the page) when I get done.

(For those of you who've never read my blog, I left my job at the library to be my mom's full time caregiver.  Mom was a librarian too, and my grandpa was a college professor.  We've got literally thousands of books!)

So, I look at my nice neat strips and realize that I need to undo them all and start over.  Thank goodness this brain flash hit when I only had eight strips done instead of eighty!  Now to raid the stash and find a suitable background fabric....


Nanabarb said...

What a clever idea!! Don't you love those sudden burst of inspiration! Barb C

Kritta22 said...

Oh I love the picture of books even better now that I know the story behind them! Just wonderful!

rachel griffith said...

what a great idea!!!
man those late night thoughts really hit ahrd don't they???

i love that you are doing this and that it ties into your fam.
i can't wait until you upload the first pic!!!