05 January 2009

I'm here!

Thanks rachel! I think I'm here now!

Ok, now that rachel has helped me figure out how to get here, let me introduce myself. I'm HM... short for helenmarie.... wife, mother of 3 and grandmother to be.
I started quilting when we moved here to TN 6 years ago and have been machine quilting for others for 3 years now. Most of my time is spent quilting for others, but I have managed to make 14 quilts for family members, several baby/charity quilts and tablerunners to sell at craft shows.

I spent the day organizing 2/3s of my scrap stash by color.
I'll finish the other 1/3 tomorrow and begin making strips and should catch up pretty quickly. Today is only the 5th so I'm not too far behind.


Kritta22 said...

I'm so glad you are here!!

Wanna come organize my scraps too?

Amanda said...

I organize my scraps by color, too. I'm hoping that doing the calendar quilt challenge will help me get rid of some of them!

rachel griffith said...

i told you would would figure it out!!!
*wink wink*

i organize my scraps by color too. it just seems easier.
although i do have some fabrics organized per projet.