28 March 2009

March by GARI

I completed my March block early because I didn't want to be behind. So far I have been able to keep up. To help me out I have set up a list of primary colors for each month: I want the blocks to be distinctive even if/when I have to repeat some fabrics. I have really enjoyed working on this and have found that I can also use parts of orphan blocks (cut into strips). My DH's birthday is in March so for the 22nd block down I used part of a hunky cowboy (don't I wish) fabric. Just my little inside joke.

27 March 2009

March is complete!

March is finished, all in different shades of green with a few shamrocks and St-Patrick's Day fabrics! I am planning out my April block now, thinking so far of choosing some pastels and flowers, mostly yellows and greens...
Have a great weekend everyone! Alex.
Yesterday I got my March section all caught up, so I thought I'd post. I have Shamrocks thrown in for March, and I have strips for projects that I was working on all month. I threw in a couple of selvage edges this month to mark some special fabrics too. I have a more detailed post on my blog of what some of the strips are, and close up pictures.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

25 March 2009



everyone please welcome sandi to the team!!!
that gives us 96 team members!!!
that's awesome!!!

with march wrapping up soon, that puts us at 3 months and running!!!
i hope that yall are having as much fun as i am.
i can't wait to see what april has in store for us.

23 March 2009

March Madness

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! No sewing was done yesterday or this evening ... i spent my evening reading a book...i should know better than to go to the library when there is sewing to be done! Anyway, here is my March calendar quilt block. I really like this block because of the orange...i'm not sure what it is about orange, but i have been itching to do a quilt w/ oranges and i'm not even big on the color...go figure!

20 March 2009

and nine to go

Well, I thought I'd show you all my progress so far. Here's January's block.....

Each block represents a project I was working on that day.

This is February's block.....

I didn't get a chance to do ANY sewing during February. I was too busy packing and unpacking for my move. So this block is representative of elements relating to moving to my new apartment.
And for March......
I chose fabrics that represent St Patrick's Day and early spring. It actually feels like spring today--55 degrees, and the sun is shining! Woohoo. You know working with these longer strips has encouraged me to start a strip pieced quilt. Are creative juices like sap? Do they flow more easily in warm weather? We shall see.......

Just thinking

So, I have been thinking of what I want to do for when this quilt is finished. I am thinking of buying a bolt of black fabric to use for borders and such. I was also thinking I might use it for the back, or either use up certain fabric that I bought about 9 years ago when I bought my sewing machine and was learning to sew. Not sure. Do any of you have ideas for this??? Oh btw, I am awaiting the arrival of Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray to learn the beautiful needlework you all do!! I cannot wait. I have also been learning to applique (yeah, using Pat Sloan's book!!) So slowly but surely I am improving my skills in the quilting front!! Yay me!! I am anxious to hear what you all are planning or thinking!!!

17 March 2009

Got your green on?

Wearing my St. Paddy's Day socks, here's the first 17 "books" on my March "shelf" for your enjoyment.  

(The socks say 'Hoppy St. Patrick's Day' with a bouncing frog on the ankles.)


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I have finished my March calendar quilt with the embroidery block from Ellie's blog.  
I found this fabric in my stash which I used for today.

With Passion, Carrie P.

14 March 2009

Cam's latest block, better late than never!

We're a little behind on our Calender quilt, but last night we finished another block.

This one is being proudly displayed on my little guy's lap.

He is already getting a little anxious about when his quilt will be finished, Uh oh, it's only March!

Perhaps we won't have a full 52 bricks in our calendar quilt after all!

13 March 2009

Better Late Than Never!

Finally February is done. It is so much fun to see all the Calendar projects coming together. I however, am still struggling with the randomness of it all!!!! Tonight I decided I am just getting this thing together and just went for it. Again I used bits of bindings left over from customer quilts I had done the month of February, and sprinkled in here and there are some bits from my own projects.

Since March is almost half over I better start thinking of March ..... or better yet not thinking and just doing!

Happy March everyone and I can't wait to see more of what everyone is doing!!

11 March 2009

Is February Already Over?

Feb Block FinishedAfter recovering from whatever nasty bug that was going around last month, I'm finally getting back to my sewing room. This evening I finished up my February block and began the applique and fabric selection for March.

I'll be going with the semi-obvious and using greens (and golds) for March; I'm thinking of doing free-style HSTs this month. If I'm lucky and actually do a little bit of planning, March and February combined will end up to be as long as my mega-January block!

10 March 2009

I like them now ~ updated January & February

I signed up for the calendar quilt challenge late, but caught up quickly from January to Valentine's Day...only to realize that I really didn't like what I had put together! I took apart what I had done, and put together again the first two months.

I also worked on March, and this last photo shows up to March 17! My plan is to continue giving each month a colour. January was blue and white, thinking of the cold and snow. February was pink and red, for love and Valentine's Day. March, I chose green for St. Patrick's Day.

I am enjoying seeing everyone's updates too! I can't wait to see more.


06 March 2009


My February piece has the same concept as before. Since Feb, has only 28 days in a month, I have my one piece bigger than the rest to have a good square throughout considering the same number of days (have yet to include the frame around the block). I choose shades of green since February had done so much in my life, just to cool and tone it down........

Just wanted to stop in and give an update on my February section all finished. I posted on my blog, Spring Water Designs more details of what strips are included.

The Calendar Quilt has been a really relaxing change of pace project for me. I have no plan on how I'm going to set it, I'm just letting it become something all by itself. We'll see what happens :)

Enjoy your day!

~ Dawn

Alviana's February

Owh... i'm a little behind. Just finished my february quilt :

Can also be view in my blog. My january... click here.

Alviana :)

05 March 2009

January thru March Complete!!!!

The first picture is of January and February side by side, and the second picture is of January on top of February, and March alongside. I can say I am loving this, and it is going to make one heck of a couch blanket for the family!!!

P.S. you might notice from picture one strips with writing on them, and picture two they are all gone, it's disappearing ink, no just kidding, I was not liking the look of the writing, so I replaced the strips with new ones, and I am learning how to embroider, or shall I say I have the stuff but have not started trying to teach myself, (if any of you know of great resources online, please let me know). I have 9 more months to learn and make this look right.

04 March 2009

rachel's block update.

so it finally dawned on me...
i haven't shown yall my blocks.
what was i thinking??? lol.
so without further ado...

my january block.

my february block.

and my march block.
{the first 12 days anyways.}

i'm a little ahead of the game...which is WAY better than me being behind!!!

Sorry I have taken so long to post

Well here is a picture of the strips I have gotten done..I thought that I seem to be moving right along I have marked where the month ends ...I still have some patches I want to add this really is fun....and i love that there is really no measuring skills...lol
And I really am a bit embarrassed that my poor little thing is so how do you say crooked....lol...but as we know it is the love I feel that matters....but seriously look at the others oh my gosh.so so so straight and well measured.....;-)....lol....well I just figure it really makes everyone else look fab!!!!!!

Love you all and your rulers......and note the material I added to the sides where I knew not what I did........and no I don't drink.....lol

February is behind

I’m sorry, but I haven’t forgotten this challenge.  I will make a post about February during the weekend, I don’t think I will manage to finish it before that.  Now and then there isn’t enough hours to do all the things I plan.

How is it with you girls?  Do you have enough time to finish all you want?butikklogoHave a nice day.

Promise to Catch Up

Yikes, I'm behind, but promise to catch up and post a photo in the next couple of days.

Sorry, folks, but I'm getting there!

03 March 2009

February Done

Just thought I would post a picture of my February calendar quilt. Onto March!With Passion, Carrie P.

02 March 2009

Hi from Pat Sloan!!

Happy March to everyone!! You continue to do just the MOST FABULOUS work EV-AH!!!! Love every little bit I'm seeing!

I'm thinking on a give away here.... as I THOUGHT I heard you MIGHT like giveaways????

Since this is a Calendar quilt site, and you are making calendar quilts, and this month IS St. Patrick's day... and your hostess Rachel is just an AWESOME Irish lass....

On St. Paddy's week I will post an blog entry (not sure which day).. and you can comment to win!

like? dislike? Let me know!

01 March 2009

January's Block

This is my block for January. I'm really struggling with this, as I'm not sure I like the way the finished block looks. I'm considering either going in a different direction or withdrawing from the challenge. I blogged about it over on my blog made by lisah. I'd LOVE some input from you all.