05 January 2009

Hi, Everyone!

Happy New Year to everyone!!! What a great time of year to start a calendar quilt. I'm so excited!!!

I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Amanda. I live in Kentucky with my husband, three children,and 4 grand children. I have been quilting for about 14 years now. I belong to a quilt guild of about 150 women.

I have been a huge fan of Pat Sloan for many years. I fell in love with a snowman pattern that was on display in a quilt shop back in 1998. I didn't pay much attention to the designer; I just liked the wallhanging! Soon after that I started getting quilting magazines. I kept falling in love with all these adorable patterns. One day I realized that all of these adorable patterns were designed by Pat Sloan! I joined her group about 3 years ago and have had fun ever since.

I got the pleasure of meeting Pat when I went to the American Quilters Society Quilt Show this past August.

How fun was that!!!

I look forward to our fun year of making calendar quilts together! Thanks, Rachel and Pat, for doing this!



rachel griffith said...

so you know what i thought of when i saw that picture of you & pat right???
i love the picture of 'me' & pat!!!

i'm so glad you joined us amanda!!!

Kritta22 said...

Glad you are here!

That's so awesome that you met your 'hero'!

pat sloan said...

Wavingggggggggggg to ya Amanda!!!!