07 January 2009

Jan 7 day 3 of organizing

I finally made it through my trashbag scrap stash and got it all sorted and organized by color into either boxes or in a tote in large ziplock bags and neatly stacked.

Then I got into my boxes of UFOs and put them (well some of them) into some stacking trays on my work table so that I can see what I have to do and not run out and start something else.

I also got some totes and filled them with the quilts and tablerunners I'd made but hadn't sold this year. I even found some boxes with fabric in it that I didn't remember having!... yes, I have way to much! You know the saying "she who dies with the most fabric wins!"... well, I think I'm one of the top contenders! :<}

Then I got distracted by that craft closet. The good new is the closet is now empty and the girl scouts will pick up their goodies tonight. I also found 2 boxes of Mary Kay supplies and samples left over from when I used to sell and I'm going to call Genesis House today and donate that to the womens shelter.

Then I remembered I had a dinner to go to last night so I ran to the store quick for supplies and made enough meatloaf to leave for my family too and a loaf of my italian herbed french bread that everyone seems to like.

A busy day but I'm making progress. When my daughter gets home from school today I'll have her help me download pix off my camera onto the computer. But I need help learning how to post a picture or two or three here or how to work the personal blog thing. I've clicked on and visited some of your blogs, but don't have the slightest idea how to do that myself. Anyone????

Todays' goal is definitely labeling and moving the boxes out from under my machine into the newly emptied closet, tightening and leveling the frame and servicing the quilt machine. I might actually be ready to sit and sew tomorrow if I get this done... unless I find something else that needs doing first! LOL!!

Ok... everybody have a great day!



Regi said...

Gratz on the massive organizing... wanna come to my house and do mine now? LOL

I have a free flickr account. I upload pictures from my camera to my computer. Then I log onto flickr, upload the pictures and then you just go to your album, select the picture you want to post (you can also select the size as well by clicking on all sizes above the picture), snag the html code and paste that into the body of your post. Thats how I do it anyway.

rachel griffith said...

so ummm if you need to offload some of that fabric...ummm i'll gladly take it.

it sounds like you are making great progress.
and email me...i'll teach you how to upload pictures using this blog.
i can't wait to see your pics!!!

madakamom said...

LOL... I've had several offers for me to reorganize. Maybe in a couple years when the kids are gone I can start a reorganizing bs and travel around the country visiting other quilters, guilds, shops etc. mmmmmm.......


Dionne said...

LOL! I was exhausted just reading your post! Don't forget to stop and breathe, and relax a little too. Can't wait to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are one productive momma!
You can visit my sewing room anytime you want, there is a nice big mess in there!! heheh

Kritta22 said...

I agree with rachel....if you need to get rid of anything, anything at all, just send it our way!