29 January 2009

hello! i'm deanna and this is my first post as i've just joined the group yesterday.
this is what i've started with. as i've looked at what time i have to work on my sewing and quilting projects i've decided that i'll do a block this size for each month rather then a strip per day. i'm hoping to find fabric in my stash that is suitable but hey, if i can't then i guess that forces me to head to the fabric store! the things a girl must do!
speaking of which! can't wait for february! although i've been a fabric store this month, i honestly admit that i've NOT purchased fabric for the entire month of january! I"M GOING INSANE !!
anyway.....enough of my rambling! i'm really looking forward to this challange and meeting you all and seeing what you all come up with for the callendar challange!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Welcome aboard Deanna, we're glad to have you join us. I love the fabrics you've chosen to use for January. They are so pretty--and cold, too. You must be one of those that is being frozen out in the north this month. Look forward to you visiting us either here or on our own blogs to check in on our progress as we also check in on yours.

madakamom said...


Joy said...

Oh, I love your blues!!! Welcome to the fun!

Deanna said...

Yes Shelley, i'm in the frozen midwest! AND I'm really looking forward to spring!!

rachel griffith said...

oh very cute.
i love that you know yourself enough to not do a strip a day, but you still committed yourself to the challenge.
that's awesome.

Carrie P. said...

Welcome, Your quilt looks good so far.

Deanna said...

thanks all for the comments!


sticker said...

You these things, I have read twice, for me, this is a relatively rare phenomenon!
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