05 January 2009


Hi, team! I'm Barb from Spokane, WA. I'm a beginner quilter with lots of sewing experience. I started my quilt yesterday using pieces from projects I was working on each day. My pieces will be 2"x4" finished with each month a 16" square set on point. I'll choose the setting triangles color closer to the end of the year.


rachel griffith said...

oh that's an interesting measurement.
i can't wait to see how yours turns out!!!

Kritta22 said...

I agree with Rachel...I'm soooo excited to see how it turns out.

I grew up in Seattle and went to college in Cheney! where about in Spokane do you live?

andsewon said...

Now I am thinking this would be a neat thing to do on days that had multi birthdays on them...hummm ...got me thinkin!!
You will have an awesome quilt!