30 December 2009

one more day!!!

there's only one more day in 2009!!!
meaning only one more strip to go.

who's gonna be showing us completed quilts in january???
i can't wait to see.

23 December 2009

Made It!

I've been watching eagerly as each month passes by and have enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful work.

Now I can happily present my own November and December ... nothing like doing two months in one but done they are. I was determined to finish before the end of the year.

The last four months still require their names to be embroidered so that may or may not happen before December 31 but I'm OK with that.

Ta-Da .... the year of 2009 ... one strip for each day. I'm still amazed that I made it!

Now for sashings, borders and so on ... but that's for 2010.

Merry Christmas to all.

15 December 2009


This is for October, some shades of turquoise.... love them flowing!

Have collected few fabrics stash with large and gordie floral designs and I arranged them for November.

Definitely this one is for December.... even though had not much christmassy fabrics, but somehow it looks merrier blend together.

So all done! Yeah!!!!!!

11 December 2009

december block finished!

now off to work on putting it all together!

10 December 2009


This dark block is for September.

Now realized that I have a lot of dark fabrics especially black.....being one of my favourite colour.

07 December 2009


These are for July and August

I was not true to myself for neglecting this challenge for a long time. But not forgetting to collect some strips from my stash. All 8 pieces had been sewn and have 4 more to complete the whole year.....now I am off for the rest......

29 November 2009

11 months complete!

November is done:

11 months complete!!

the year is almost done...already!!

03 November 2009

October block

A lot of orange and black to represent Halloween for this month's block!

29 October 2009

10 Down ~ 2 to Go!

That is .... 10 months completed and November and December to go!

All the fabrics are compliments of a lovely friend who was having a spring clean of her fabric bits and pieces.

I'd like to embroider all the family birthdates etc, so that might be my challenge for 2010.

04 October 2009

Month Nine ~ September

Wow, already 3/4's of the year have come and gone. I still can't believe that I've managed to keep up. At the beginning of the year I had good intentions to stay in time, but often life takes over.

So I am pleasantly surprised to present the month of September. A number of these were fat 1/4's I received as part of a Birthday Swap ... some from my daughter for Xmas, Birthday and Mother's Day ... one as a prize ... and a few others.

I'm really enjoying the making of this quilt. How is everyone else coming along?

Thankyou Rachel for planting the seed.

20 September 2009

Hi from Pat Sloan!!

Hi all you FABULOUS Calendar Quilt makers!!!

I just added a section for Calendar Quilt chatter at my forum. Come on over and keep each other motivated. You can subscribe to that topic so you get an email whenever anyone posts. A great way to ask for fabrics, suggestions on how to keep going.. etc.

I must tell you, as I hope this helps someone, the FIRST time (yes FIRST TIME) I tried to do this I only did 6 months.

So it's ok.. it's ok if you are not up to date as we can get you back on track.. OR.. you can continue right into next year.

Here is my BIGGEST suggestion. START OVER TODAY.. DO TODAY, not yesterday, not July, but today.. go forward. And you will be motivated to fill in the gaps.. which may happen in Jan or Feb or March.. but you can do it!

Here is the direct link to the topic at my forum QuiltMashup. Register, then sign in to post.. see you there!!

16 September 2009

August Finished

It's a little hard to see, but on the yellow strip at the top is embroidered the month of August.
Fabrics from my scraps and some fat 1/4's i've finally cut into.

I've now joined Jan, Feb, March in one long strip and April, May, June into another long strip. Of course July is above August. Now to start thinking about sashings, borders etc, hmmmmm. I'm looking forward to having this quilt top done.

It's exciting seeing how others are putting their months together also.

08 September 2009

03 September 2009

*insert crickets chirping*

*insert crickets chirping*

so how is everyone doing on their challenge???
inquring minds want to know!!!

everyone give us an update!!!
even if you are still on march's block!!!

also...for our no blogger team members:
check out sew many pieces.
if you have thought about creating a blog but didn't want the hassle,
or thought you might not write enough to make it worthwhile,
then you are welcome to join them.
you don't have to know anything at all about blogging, they'll help you out!!!
they are taking new members,
just send them an e-mail if you would like to join the group!!!
email: projectwisdomkeepers{at}yahoo{dot}com

19 August 2009

A Little Spark

My calendar quilt has been on the back burner for the past four months, being snubbed for other projects, but I got a glimpse of a friend's quilt strips and got sparked to sit and catch mine up. I think I was getting bored with the long straight strip sets that I did for the first four months, so for the second four months I changed it up with diagonal cut squares for each week. Luckily I was throwing strips in a basket from projects that I was working on during these months so I could document them in this quilt (otherwise, it would have been very difficult to remember what I was doing at the time). I have more detailed info. on the fabrics I used, and close ups of some of the blocks here on my blog for anyone who is interested.

I always get sparked to start new things in January (when this was starting), and I usually get a little boost of energy in the fall with 'back to school' time. I know that I will have valleys during the year when I get behind on BOM projects ~ and sometimes I put them away all together for some time in the future. That's ok with me, I know a little spark will come eventually and I will always have some project in the wings just waiting for me to add a little more to it :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

10 August 2009

An Untimely Choice I Made Now Undone!

At the beginning of this year (was it really 8 months ago--yes it was 8 months ago to the day no less!) I had made the decision that I was finally going to get my butt in gear and start making all the quilts that I see so many others make and I was going to be as good at it as my mother and grandmother were. I was all gung ho about making the 3 different quilts I was starting. I was working on them diligently.... and then.... well..... the excuses started... the time ran short... the patterns wouldn't cooperate... the people were supportive and I never looked back to see how many complaints I got about my block being the wrong size... I never went back to finish the "Make it up as you go along" quilt.... I got through the first couple of months of the calendar quilt and...... well there hasn't been anymore done on it or any other quilt. I look around at all the blogs that I started following (YES, I do still lurk and read them, just not daily as I did before) and I see these absolutely beautiful quilts that have been completed by so many. I see crafts and ideas and organization coming out the wazoo! Yet I haven't seemed to be able to take any of the ideas, the creativity, the organization and do anything with any of it! So I have discovered that I made an UNTIMELY Decision back in January. I have realized (and should have realized this 8 months ago) that I don't have the discipline, determination or dexterious skills to handle one let alone three quilts at this time, nor any time in the near future.

I have some baby blankets--as I refuse to call them quilts as I cannot quilt and no longer claim to even be able to piece them together--to make for my 3 grandchildren and one precious child that I call my adopted grandchild, Forrest, that doesn't have any grandparents that live close to him. I will be putting fabric together or sandwiching batting between fabric in the attempt to make these blankets; but I refuse to call them quilts. Others may, but I will not.

In the event that my life finally finds a point in time where I can slow down long enough to focus, concentrate, and become disciplined enough to complete projects; then I may once again take up the endeavors of learning to quilt. To all of you that have been a part of my brief quilting existence and hopefully an even longer blog life yet to come, I thank you for using the blogosphere as a means of support for those of us that can't do what you do, being there giving your ideas freely, sharing your creativity, allowing us in on your organizational hints, and for allowing us to view a glimpse of the lives of true quilters. I will continue, if allowed, to follow your blogs and your daily triumphs and occassional defeats. To those of you that have become true quilters...my hat is off to you and I profess my adoration for your skills.
Shelly from Shell's Specialty of the Day

04 August 2009


This is for June.

Really hard to find time to concentrate on this challenge and I owe few more to complete. This time I had more stash on earth shades and mixed and match to get this combination. Month of June had really 'stay-put' me down more to reality of life.....

26 July 2009


With a bit of a beach and ocean theme...

25 July 2009

July Completed

Firstly, thankyou for the lovely and encouraging comments. I can't believe I still have a few days left of July and here is my calendar block.

The fabrics for July are from my lovely lovely neighbour who lives about 10km (6 miles) away. I asked her if she would like to swap some scraps for fat's and two days later she deposited a packet of strips in my mailbox.
Hopefully I can stay more on track for this second half of the year.

17 July 2009

Half Way

So here we are half way through the year and I've managed to keep up, yipee!
Here is my month of June . . . all fabrics have been won on ebay over a period of time.

April, May and June all together. Of course I'll be joining them vertically to form the second column of my quilt.

Not only have I finished sewing the first six months, but I've gone back and embroidered the name of each month on the first days. Just as well, I needed to think for a short moment which was which month for a couple.

To be really on top of things, I've also sewn the strips together for July. Like the month of April (fabrics from BFF Kerry) and June (fabrics from ebay), the fabrics for July are not from my stash. Once I've embroidered 'July' . . . I'll show and tell.
It's so exciting to see the months laid out to form half a quilt top, I'm very pleased with it so far. Hope everyone else is having some sewing time.

07 July 2009

I "MAY" Get Caught Up!

Okay, so I can't dazzle you with my impressive time management skills, so you'll just have to put up with weak puns.

FiberBabble's May blockMy MAY block is finally finished. It really only took an afternoon, but I had procrastinated because all of my scraps are were in one paper bag and it was a pain in the patoot to dig through for only purples (or yellows or whatever other color theme I thought I was doing).

After pulling out clean coffee cans, shoe boxes and empty licorice buckets (mmmmm...) I separated my scraps into color families. We'll see how long that lasts; one paper bag takes up much less space! (Okay, I'll probably get some sort of stacking storage or something - this is too useful to abandon.)

So, anyway here it is. Approx. 6½" wide and 17½" long. No telling when June will be completed, but at least there's hope!

ETA: I seem to have chopped off the bottom of the block in the picture... there really ARE 31 fabrics in it!

22 June 2009

winner alert!!!

congrats go to stacey!!!
she's the winner of my boy oh boy charm pack!!!

20 June 2009

all ketchup'd

just wanted to let you know that i took advantage of pat's weekend shindig and got all caught up, now i have no more fabric. so some nice people offered to send me some scraps, when they arrive, i can continue on my calendar journey, you guys are great, thanks for letting me quilt along!!
oh, these are my april, may, and june months up until june 24th. i am all caught up with a couple days to spare!!

Ketchup Weekend!!

LOTS of ketchups!

Be sure you load a photo of your calendar quilt (or other project) that you are 'ketching up' on.....

don't miss out!

19 June 2009

anyone up for helping??

hello all!! i must say i am loving what i am seeing here. the reason i am posting is rather needy, you see we moved, and all my stuff is in storage. what i was wondering is if anyone has some scraps they would be willing to part with so i can continue on my calendar journey. I have a piece from everything i own, and i am running out. i am a little behind, plan to catch up as much as i can in a little bit, and some this weekend. i have enough to go through may and into june. i do not however have more to continue through the year. instead of going and buying fabric that i do not have the money for right now, i was wondering if anyone wanted to send some scraps my way?? my pieces measure 2" x 8 1/2". so the pieces would have to be big enough for me to cut that size. Let me know if you are interested, and i can give you my mailing address. you can contact me by email at


17 June 2009

June Block

Well, here is my June block for the calendar challenge...i can't believe the year is half over! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

15 June 2009

Hi guys just a check in......

I know the one picture is upside down and that was not easy for me to do ...Enjoy the pictures I will check in again soon....love U all..God bless....

12 June 2009

playing "ketchup"

okay ladies...let's "ketchup" our calendar quilts!!!
{and be in the running for these goodies!!!}

see pat's post for all details.

09 June 2009

June = rainbow!

a little bit ahead of the game..but once i got started, i didn't want to stop until i could see the rainbow effect !

08 June 2009

Give away at my blog today

I want to be sure none of you miss my giveaway today on my blog!

I'm doing the giveaway to celebrate the new site 'Sewn' that will open tomorrow!! The site owner did a big thing for the past month and I'm just catching the tail end... but... you can get in on it today!!!

Also sign up for my
new newsletter if you didn't get one yesterday... link on the blog!

Go tell me how YOU started to sew.. and maybe win the prize!

PLUS ... Rachel and I are talking about a 'Catch Up' weekend... more on that soon!!!

06 June 2009

All caught up

My calendar quilt is completed through today. When/if I ever figure out how to post photos, I'll do it. Thanks for the invite, Rachel!

05 June 2009

Time Flies Like an Arrow...

...Fruit flies like a banana. (Groucho Marx)

I was just hoping for a "time gets away from me" quotation, but I'll go with the banana reference.

Apr BlockHere, in all it's glory, is my APRIL block, finished in various shades of... (wait for it!!)

banana. (I am so easily entertained!)

This block/month is the same length as my January block (36"). It's a little bit narrower, but I won't hold that against me.

Apr Block Detail
Detail from the Ellie's Quiltplace Country Calendar BOM.

I am now officially JUST one complete month behind on this and any other BOM that I am doing this year. I'm calling that half full!

04 June 2009

Yes, I know it´s already June......

......but today I finished April, only the stitcheries are missing. Tommorow I will put my first four months togehter with the sashing, and then go on with May.

This is the fabric I have purchased for my sashing and borders, dark grey/brown with grey dots. Really love it!

Happy Stitching