16 January 2009

jan 16 my "organized" sewing room!

I have no idea what I did wrong in downloading pix from my camera, but my daughter just did it and now you can see my "organized" sewing room. This is my worktable with the trays of UFOs and boxes with my stash of scraps sorted by color. I know it doesn't look very organized, but compared to the way it used to be... this is a big improvement! Now I can find things.

I have two coat closets filled with boxes of kits and fabric and books. Here's one.. sorry, you have to tilt your head sideways, I haven't figured out how to rotate pix yet. The other closet looks the same, so I won't upload the other sideways picture so you don't get a crick in your neck.

I've been busy taking care of my parents and quilting Quilts of Valor for my guild this week, so I haven't sewn my strips, but here are a bunch of the white ones I sorted out of my scraps. I originally thought I'd do one color per week or month, but I think this will look too bland. I'll get into the other color boxes and get more strips made. If I have a variety of strip colors I'll have design options before sewing anything together yet. I hope I'm not overthinking this too much!

Tomorrow is my guild workshop day... for sure this time... so I should have another version of a caserole cover done and hopefully one of my UFO quilt tops done.



rachel griffith said...

holy toledo.
and seriously...BOXES of KITS!!!
wow. if you need to ummm...share the wealth...i'm your man!!!

it feels great to be organized!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Let me also say that if you're needing to rid yourself of some of your wealth, this sewing room is bare of fabric--especially compared to yours! Great job on organizing. I called myself organized about 3 months ago---well let's just say it isn't that way anymore! Shelly

Karen said...

I love that I'm not the only one that does the sideways pic thing. I know how to rotate them...my problem is that I don't know how to make them stay that way.

madakamom said...

Rachel and Shelly, most of the kits I have are walmart quilt of the month that I bought when I first started quilting but couldn't quilt fast enough to keep up. Most of the fabrics are ok, some are "chintzier" than others, but I figure they will make good charity quilts when I get them done.

LOL Kaaren! I had the same problem with my old camera! I'll figure this one out eventually!


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