05 January 2009

Hi, Everybody!

Hi! My name is Jennie, and I live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago! I am also (so far) the only person doing this whose name starts with the letter "J"... how funny! I heard about this from reading Candle Lite Quilter's blog! It sounds really fun, and I am anxious to get started! I plan to use 2x3" rectangles and put them together into a calendar format, one block for each month. I'll put a strip of fabric across the top of each block with the month embroidered on it! I plan to use random fabrics that reflect the day, and keep a log of why I chose a particular fabric for a particular day! I'll do that on the computer, and print it out and put it on the back of my finished quilt.

This is going to be so much fun! Thanks to Rachel for organizing it!


rachel griffith said...

oh i really like the idea of writing down why you choose that fabric for that day.

welcome to the group.

Regi said...

I was thinking of noting on some of the strips what important thing was going on that day (birthday etc) ... but I really like your idea of keeping a journal of sorts and transferring it to the back of the quilt. Nice idea!

Welcome to the group.


Kritta22 said...

wow! You are a superstar! I really like that idea too!

Amanda said...

I, too, think keeping a journal along with the quilt would be a great idea.

It's nice to meet you!