12 January 2009


okay ladies...
we had 2 people drop out which isn't fun, but life happens.

but the good news is...
we have 82 team members!!!

now that's cooler than cool.

keep those pics coming.
i'll post mine soon.


Kritta22 said...

Oh bummer!! That's okay, we wish them the best!

82 people!!! AWESOME!!

We should have a slumber party!

rachel griffith said...

i know right.
i'll bring the popcorn!!!
and f.r.i.e.n.d.s on dvd!!!

Regi said...

Wow... 82 people, thats pretty amazing!

I am kinda stalled until i can get to Joanne's and find some birthday fabric for the 8th. After that it will be smooth sailing.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Regi, don't let that stall you. Instead of birthday fabric, we chose a pretty floral that is special to my ex-mother-in-law for her birhtday on the 11th! I know, not many celebrate the ex anything, but this is most likely her LAST birthday--no one expected her to live through Christmas morning! So it is still special to me and the kids.

Rachel--I think its awesome we have 82 of us. So where is the slumber party? And what time zone will we be in. OK I got an idea, you know we could do a virtual slumber party--well of sorts! We could use our eyecams (isn't that what the web camera thing is called) and check in on each other--if you're part of a guild, they could all be together and have that many fewer web cams going. OK so it probably wouldn't work. Especially with us all wanting to chat and eat and watch different DVDs at the same time--just like in a real slumber party. What a joyous, loud celebration/party that would be!

madakamom said...

WOW! 82 strong! That's great! I'm up for a slumber party! We should all meet somewhere and bring our blocks, strips and sewiing machines!


Lynn said...

Rachel, this is such a neat idea! I'm pretty new to quilting, but last weekend started a new project with strips of fabric I had left over from a quilt I made from my son's old t-shirts. (I gave it to him for Christmas.) I think I will unofficially follow along with your challenge :) if that's ok, and see how far I get. Thanks for doing this. It's inspiring to see everyone's projects and read their stories.