31 January 2009

My January


This is my first post at this blog, even it is about 3 weeks since I joined this challange. First I used some time to get Pat Sloans book, Calander quilt, and then the days has passed very fast.

First I will like to introduce myself. My name is Inger and I am 48 years old. Married for nearly 25 years (in august) and have two children. A boy at the age of 23, he is a student in another town, and my little girl at 13.

I have been quilting for about 3 years, and I still have a lot to learn. I used to sew a lot when my son were little, but then I didn't tuch the sewingmachine for about 10 years.

I live in Norway, in the northern part of the country in a city named Tromsoe. In my part of the world we have winter, and the sun came back for about 10 days ago after been away for 2 months. That means also that we in summertime have sun 24 hours a day in two months if the weather is nice.

In my block for January, I have tried to use colours that is important to me for this month. It is a lot of blue fabric in the beginning, and it is turning lighter in the end of the month. That means that it is coming more daylight during the day.

I haven't used a stripe for each day, but used what I had from scraps and stopped when the quilt got a lenght of 16 inch. The with is 10 inch. I think I will do this for the other months also, then it will be easier to sew it all together in the end. And the quilt will not be so big.

I tink I also is going to put on some appliques, but haven't decided what it will be yet.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

30 January 2009


Finally...... after the hustle-bustle of life I managed to squeeze myself in fulfilling my promise to post my January pieces. I have decided to take this challenge by using one shade of colour to represent a month considering the weather or any events associated with it. I used 2" x 11" strips throughout and have yet to decide for the sashing and some little embellishments.

Well, hope February will be very friendly to me.... and give some space to quilt more.

29 January 2009

hello! i'm deanna and this is my first post as i've just joined the group yesterday.
this is what i've started with. as i've looked at what time i have to work on my sewing and quilting projects i've decided that i'll do a block this size for each month rather then a strip per day. i'm hoping to find fabric in my stash that is suitable but hey, if i can't then i guess that forces me to head to the fabric store! the things a girl must do!
speaking of which! can't wait for february! although i've been a fabric store this month, i honestly admit that i've NOT purchased fabric for the entire month of january! I"M GOING INSANE !!
anyway.....enough of my rambling! i'm really looking forward to this challange and meeting you all and seeing what you all come up with for the callendar challange!

SO proud!

I just HAD to pop in to tell everyone how PROUD I am of you for keeping up!! It is almost the end of January... it's ok to do a few strips a day instead of one a day. It's even OK to just finish up the month when it is this close.

Have you started to select Feb fabrics? Hearts? red/pink/chocolate (oh sounds like candy!)

Big Big Smooches to Rachel for setting up AND running this blog!

January update

This is how my Calendar quilt looks so far. I´ve added stripes from a project that I worked on each day. It starts with a snowflake quilt, then my Christmas angel that I finished a little bit late. There are stripes from my love quilt, my spring bag, my very colourful pinwheel blocks and from a new project made of quite big squares.

Every month starts with a little stitchery, eight of them are already finished.

I´m also going to add some small stitcheries now and then for special occasions, this first one is for the new year.
And there are some more waiting to be stitched.....

I really like working on this project, easy to make and fun to see it grow....
And how fun to see all projects that appear on this blog. It´s exciting making this together with all of you....

Happy Stitching!


28 January 2009

Hi and First Photo

Thank you so much for the welcome! I was so excited when I saw this challenge because it will help motivate me to keep sewing and also to bring all my projects together. I would like to use the fabrics I am working on each month in each block. I have a lot of things that I am working on, so that should work! I also designed a little stitchery for the month. I am putting buttons on each corner that have to do with the current month. This month is my birthday, so the buttons are a few of my favorite things - tea, sewing and cats. :) I am going to put the stitchery on my blog when I get organized, so others can use it if they like.

Here it is so far:

I need to get going because it is nearly the end of the month.... it is really hot here at the moment and I slowed right down! Anyway, that's all for now. I'm enjoying everyone else's quilts! You are all doing so well!



another update.

okay ladies...
please join me in welcoming some new team members:
deanna. mel. marit. nancy. {no blog.} and joy.

that's alot of newcomers!!!

we are well on our way!!!
and i am having SO much fun watching yall's quilts come to life!!!
some talented peeps we have!!!

i just wanted to point out that we had new members for yall to check out.

oh and guess what!!!
this puts us at 90 team members!!!

i still haven't heard from you.
please see THIS post.

update: make that 91 team members.
everyone welcome codi to the team too.


This is my strips so far for January...I chose yellows for sunny January here.
Hearts are for our 34th wedding anniversary...xmas trees for the day I put away the decorations.  

My strips are 1"x10''...I didn't want the finished quilt to get too big.

27 January 2009

My Progress Update

I put a report on my blog post today with a pic.
I got a spur under my saddle and decided to finish out the month of Jan.;-)
Lot to be said for those spurs...ha!!!
I have a tip for the day...you know the hangers we get when we buy pants or stuff that comes on the plastic pinch hangers..well save them for hanging projects. I do as you can see. I also use them for drying fab or stuff I do not want to put in dryer.
Off to catch up on more posts!!!

Added a Few More...

Okay, I've added a few more fabrics and I'm up to 13 days, what else should I add? I'm not sure I have anything else (that's leftover, yet...) that I've used in January. Any ideas? I did make two thread baskets, dare I use those fabrics?


http://airolgmd.blogspot.com - blog

26 January 2009

My first 25 days of 2009

Here are my first 25 days for 2009! I have added some fabrics to it that I have used lately, such as the pink/red/blue ones for an apron and the five green ones for my 4 season monochromatic quilt swap. The stripe with houses I have had for many many years and am finally able to use now.

Have a happy week!


January is finished! YAY! I have a bunch of strips cut, just need to start sewing when the time comes. I got this one tacked up on my wall. It has been a while since I posted, so here is an update, Have a nice day!!!

24 January 2009

Calendar Quilt Update

Calendar 2009 Quilt Update:
In case you can't read the print on the picture--so much for my bright idea to put it in paint and then just type it in! It says: Here is the updated picture through January 25, 2009. Is it just me or is it not gelling together? Maybe I should have done as everyone else did and just do strips. Guess we'll just keep going and see what happens with February and figure out how I'm going to separate the two months. Anxious to see how everyone else's quilts are looking. January is almost over y'all!


Old & New

This was my first calendar quilt, done in 2003. It was a guild challenge and I paperpieced each of the 3 1/2" blocks. I am still proud of how it turned out.

And this is the current quilt challenge. I am thinking of adding the Season's of the Heart monthly (BOM) applique to add to the monthly part. Right now the snowman is not attached: I am waiting until I can better see how the layout would work. And so far I am keep up with getting the strips sewn on: good for me!!

22 January 2009

Jan 21

Today I finished the round casserole cover I started at my guild meeting... just need to get some cording to close it with ( used some yarn for now just to show). You pull the strings and the sides close up snugly over the "potholder". I have to finish stitching the binding around the rectangle cover and add cording to tie it closed too.

The kids have been home from school since last friday due to cold weather and "snow". There is one corner of the county that is at a higher elevation than the rest of the county and they got more snow and ice on tiny country roads. They have more tree covered roads and are colder up there too, so it hasn't melted enought for school bus travel. Meanwhile, down here, the roads are clear, kids are thrilled to be out of school and parents are frustrated!

I haven't been able to get as much done as I would like, but I've kept busy finishing up one of my UFOs... a gift for a friend that had hip replacement surgery last week.

I love all the pictures and ideas that have been posted. My blocks aren't as colorful as everyone else's yet, but I love all the delicate white on white prints. I didn't realize I had so many! (I'm not sure that you can really see it in the picture, but in person I think it looks great!)
I know, some are off white and tan too, but I catagorized them as whites when I sorted my scraps. I'll eventually get through all my colors of scraps and have blocks of different colors for each month. I think February will be pinks for Valentines Day, March will be greens for St. Patrick's Day and April will be spring colors for Easter. I'll have to look at my fabrics and think about each month after that to pick a color. I'll eventually find a border color and set them all together. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it..... I think! :<}


21 January 2009

Calendar Quilt - Update

Well, some of you are doing some more elaborate quilt calendars, but if I expect to maintain one all year long, I'm going to keep it simple.

I've only finished (not quite, but hope to soon) one quilt in January, so I put together all the colors and started. Whew!

I have several others that I've started and am not sure if I have the fabric yet, but will try to get more strips, enough to finish January at least.

Here's some strips from my Take 5 quilt.

Up to Date!

Here is an update of my calendar quilt. I have 20 strips, one for each day of the year so far. I used this weekend to get all caught up. So far each strip does correlate with a project that I had been working on at the time ~ you can go to my blog to see a better explanation of what the strips are from, and closeups of the applique and embroidery. Our "Sloanies Club" that I lead at the quilt shop where I work will be doing the Calendar quilt too, so I'll be posting show and tells from them on my blog in the future!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn



I'm evelyne I'm 37 and live in belgium ....I'm married and we have 3 children .....2 children have the flew so I promise I post a picture next week! ...this week I'm the nurse in the house ;-) ..so there's little time to sew ....

20 January 2009

19 Days of January

Even though today is the 20th day of January here in Aus, I'm pleased to say that I have 19 strips sewn together.

Each strip is a fabric from one of the three projects I've been working on so far in January. I think now I'll probably have to start digging through stash to complete this month, because I really need to keep working on the other projects I've started.
I plan to embroider the name of the month on the 1st day of each month. I'm really looking forward to watching this quilt grow.
I'm also enjoying seeing the ideas and sewn strips that everyone is posting about.
Happy Strip Sewing

19 January 2009

a small glimpse.

here's a small glimpse of mine so far.

it decided to get all irish for a minute!!!


I was not sure if any of you heard about this yet, I got my invite the other day. It is sort of like Ravelry for knitting, but this is for quilters. I have an album for this project to also help keep track of, if any of you are there, friend me my name there is luv2knitnsew. Oh btw I am also luv2knitncrochet on ravelry if you want to say hi. Just some info, have a nice night everyone!

More of January

It sure is fun to see what every one is up to. Isn't it neat how we come up with different ideas? Just wanted to show you my updated version of a combination quilt. My strips and the embroidery from Ellie's.
With Passion, Carrie P.

Need Ideas on Give-Away for 100th post..

Hi all... I'm coming up on my 100th post and I would like to do a give-away... but I need ideas... my dog friends are being silly and tell me stuff like a new wardrobe... so I'm coming to you guys for ideas... I've made things like dog/cat collars, wristlets, coin/credit card purses, totes, diaper bags, tag blankets.. I mean I can make just about anything you can sew.. I just need ideas... if you want to visit my blog it's www.maplecreekracing.com/mcrblog.

Thanks for any suggestions,
carol in PA

plugging along

Wow, thanks for all the great encouraging comments everyone!  I see it's been a week since I posted my progress, so here's an up-to-date picture for you.  

It looks like I'm going to have to start using my regular photo spot after this...otherwise known as the floor.  This baby's gonna be a king size quilt when I get done!

Happy quilting, all!

18 January 2009

Lovin your work!

Wow I'm LOVIN your work everybody!!!! I took a 'cruise' through the posts and you are just so darn CREATIVE... WOOT!

The library version is going to be soooooooo awesome... can't WAIT to see some of those blocks.

And don't worry how it will 'look' in the end. You'll be able to set anything you do .. I promise!

I decided to day on ONE of my words for my celebration quilt.. it's going to be a take off of this Calendar project. I'm letting it 'perk' on it's own and I'm not rushing it.

Maybe I will start it in 2010 and you can join me.. what do you think?

Had to find a fabric image.. someone mentioned Elvis on my swap list so I found this at Fabric.com! (CLICK RIGHT HERE if you NEED some!)

pssttt... be sure to visit my blog!

17 January 2009

Dionne's Progress

My Calendar Quilt project is coming along nicely. My little guy has taken a bit of a turn on this weeks brick and stuck a horizontal strip in there.
It's not exactly the same size as last weeks brick but he says he likes it because that's the way he colors!
I'm not sure how we'll manage to put them all together, but by the time we'll be putting all the bricks together he will be 6 ~ So I'm sure it will work out brilliantly!
Cheers All,

Sewing while the iron is hot?

29 strips

Representing 4 Calendar Challenge weeks and 4 projects worked on in the last 2 weeks. Week 2 I stopped working on other things to finish a block swap commitment. I'll add a little applique to the red & blue squares to represent the first 2 projects I've appliqued in a long time.
I forgot how much I love it!

My goal is to have the embellishments done before the end of January and stay caught up, but I sewed a week of strips while the fabrics were out.

My blog rambles longer :)

16 January 2009

jan 16 my "organized" sewing room!

I have no idea what I did wrong in downloading pix from my camera, but my daughter just did it and now you can see my "organized" sewing room. This is my worktable with the trays of UFOs and boxes with my stash of scraps sorted by color. I know it doesn't look very organized, but compared to the way it used to be... this is a big improvement! Now I can find things.

I have two coat closets filled with boxes of kits and fabric and books. Here's one.. sorry, you have to tilt your head sideways, I haven't figured out how to rotate pix yet. The other closet looks the same, so I won't upload the other sideways picture so you don't get a crick in your neck.

I've been busy taking care of my parents and quilting Quilts of Valor for my guild this week, so I haven't sewn my strips, but here are a bunch of the white ones I sorted out of my scraps. I originally thought I'd do one color per week or month, but I think this will look too bland. I'll get into the other color boxes and get more strips made. If I have a variety of strip colors I'll have design options before sewing anything together yet. I hope I'm not overthinking this too much!

Tomorrow is my guild workshop day... for sure this time... so I should have another version of a caserole cover done and hopefully one of my UFO quilt tops done.


First 30 days of 365 done......

Here you see the first 30 days of my 365 days done.  I've gotten a good head start, but I'm sure I will fall behind soon.  I'll sew 10 strips all together, then combine 3 sets of 10 for a block (month).  After that, I'm not sure of my plans. ;)  I enjoy keeping up with everyone's updated photos and posts.

**ADDITION**  Yes, I am quilting as I go.  I meant to mention that.  It's easier for me to quilt in sections.  I know the quilt GODS would probably cast me into hell or something along those line.  But, it's always worked out for me pretty well.  And besides, I don't like perfect.  ;)

Hi Calendar Ladies!

Hello from freezing Michigan! I'm Melissa.

I finally started on the challenge today! I know, I know...I am a bit of a slacker. That is what is so great about doing it with all of you! You lend inspiration, and a bit of pressure to get the job done, which I so desperately need sometimes. hehehe

So I blogged about my post here:

But if you are overwhelmed with blogs to read I can just put a short little synopsis here to share.

I am going to follow some of your very SMART, brainy ideas and keep a little calendar page for each month with short descriptions of the day. I am planning to work on my challenge weekly, so that will help me select the fabrics when it comes time to work on it. Then I am going to print those pages on fabric and incorporate them into the back of the quilt!!

I am doing strips whatever size x 12 to start and will trim the strip to 10" or 11" when it comes time to piece it all together. I am using ONLY scraps for every part of the quilt!! FUN =)

Here is January so far with a plain white piece on Jan 1st to represent a blank slate for the Brand New Year!!

15 January 2009

Calendar Quilt Progress Report!

So, after 2 weeks my quilt is starting to take form. I have been journalling as I go, much like others have been doing. The strip with the date is a piece of aida with cross stitching. I did a stitch-a-long over the week-end so I saved the memory. I think that there will be quite a bit of embroidery and embellishing as I go! This is such a neat project and so personal for me! If you want to see what each strip signifies, please visit me. Everyone is so inspiring and I love to go from blog to blog and visiting.

Until next time....keep stripping and sewing!

Caught up.....

I had a few days that I couldn't sew because of a severe eye infection, so today I got caught up. See that last piece? That was sent to me by Pat Sloan when she started a calendar quilt on her yahoo list many moons ago. I spent the last two days cleaning my sewing room and I found it under some other stuff. You can see pictures on my blog...

Happy Sewing,

Quick question

Alright so my wonderful hubby said I get a new machine with our tax return!! I know, right?!!

So I've been thinking of this one...
Sapphire 870

What kind of machines do you guys have? An ideas??

I want a machine that I can quilt my quilts. i'm not into embroidery.

Any thoughts I will be grateful for!!


14 January 2009

Went a little nuts...

Nuts in the good way... I just couldn't stop... hahahahaha... I got January done! Hahahaha

Look what I can do when the girls are sleeping and so is husband. :)

I'm planning on embroidering specials days.. like birthdays but not sure right now..

I know it's not straight and the pieces are not the same size.. but I kinda like the unevenness.. is that really a word...

Well time to go to bed..

carol in PA
p.s... it's going to be a huge quilt if the other months are this large (I have a Cal. King so that would be ok)... HAHAHAHA.. I think in the purple paisley retangle I'm going to embroider January 2009.

Calendar Quilt Journal--Cool Idea

OK OK I think my computer is possessed. I KNOW I added another blog to follow and now I can't find it. I wonder if I didn't save it earlier! Oh well. At any rate, Nana Barb's Musings blog is delightful--but more importantly she gave me the coolest idea! I know lots of people keep quilt journals for their quilting projects (not that I've ever seen a need for that and don't quite understand them--at least the blank quilt journals I've seen at Barnes and Nobles). But the idea of journaling what each strip, square, whatever size/shape for the day for the calendar quilt is such an awesome idea. I was wondering--without actually writing it on each square which will take away from the quilt--how on Earth I would remember what each fabric was for and why I chose it. DUH, the queen of lists and I didn't think of writing a list of what each day stands for. I must really be brain dead. Now there are some that can remember (and how they do, I'll never know) the name of the fabric, the designer, the maker, etc. of their fabrics and where they got them, when they bought them, what the fabric was used for, etc. (talk about the ultimate list or note card maker!!!). Me on the other hand, there are days I can't remember my own name let alone where I got fabric and what its called! I'll be happy to just have a list of what day is what and IF there was a specific reason we chose that fabric! Some days I don't have a rhyme or reason to why I chose it--it's just there or it was the first fabric I touched or its the only fabric the cats weren't laying on, etc.

But I figure I better get going on this like SOON or I'll forget why I did anything! LOL And if I'm extremely lucky, this that I did in excel, copied the screen to put into paint, and then made a jpeg out of it, will work and I will be able to show you what I have so far on my calendar quilt journal.

I've already chosen fabric for the 19th and 20th, and you can see that I've typed in why those 2 days and then the 25th will have important or specific types of fabric for those squares. If possible, I've put in a color as the background that is close to the main color of a fabric--obviously not exact, but you only have so many colors to work with in Excel! LOL I just have the blank squares still as a pale yellow--so I know I still have to fill them in! OK so according to this I'm 2 days behind. I have to find something that is appropriate for the two days. Still thinking on that one(s). But at least I got it journaled and started so that I know what I'm doing now--or should I say, what I was thinking when I get a week or two, or month or two or more down the road and wonder "Why did I use that there? I can't imagine why I'd use THAT fabric!"

For more of what I'm doing with this quilt and the quilt swap and the YCMT Make-It-Up-as-You-Go Quilt, hop on over to Shell's Specialty of the Day and take a look!


Shelly - may I butt in? I (having nothing better to do!) sat down and wrote it all out. There are 90 days in the first column (Jan-Mar), 91 in the second (Apr-Jun), 92 in the 3rd (Jul-Sep), and 92 in the 4th (Oct-Dec). Pretty darned close. I decided I also wanted to use one "static" strip to separate each month from another (so I'm adding two more to each column). I figured I'd just sneak in two extra strips (or one deeper one) in the Jan-Mar column, and 1 extra strip in the 2nd column - in order to make them the same length as the 3rd and 4th. Heck, it's a quilt - not rocket science - so I'm going to break the rules as I please :-) Also, I bought a small journal where I'm keeping all this information, as well as writing down each day of the year, and jotting down a word or phrase for each day - might be a feeling, or the weather, or an event. As I cut the strips, I refer to the journal entries and BOLDLY choose fabric (FROM MY STASH!) that reminds me of my entry. You don't want to know the whole story, but we found a bloody milk jug on our deck on January 9, so that's what I wrote down for that day - I can't wait to BOLDLY choose something that reminds me of that! I've got strips cut for the first week and so far they are looking pretty darned good! I'm also fussing over what to do with the REST of the 1" x 42-45" strip (after I cut 10" off), and have been daydreaming about table runners, tote bags, etc. There'll be updates on my blog, for sure! Hope you have fun with your quilt - I already am!


{posted by rachel for nadine.}

Finally I've Started

I finally got to sew some strips together yesterday. Here are the first 8 days of my quilt.

I've been madly sewing log cabin blocks for a gift quilt and these are the fabrics I've been working with.

I'm thinking that if I use current fabrics I'm working with, then at the end of the year I can look back and remember what I was working on at a particular time of the year. Then in between projects (or when a project takes a long time) I'll use fabrics or scraps from my stash.

Hopefully there'll be some more strips today.

Another new member... 01-14-09

Hi all!

My name is Carol. I'm a SAHM with twin 2 1/2 year old daughters. I'm kinda new to quilting. I made a couple quilted bags and mini patchfoilios now onto quilt making. So, I've decided to join along and make a calendar quilt. I guess I'm going to be using all sorts of sized fabric. Just so it's all the same width is my guess at what I'm doing. It's all new to me... but sounds like fun.

I was able to pick out some fabric scraps from recent and not so recent projects while the girls were napping today. Tonight I'm going to piece everything together.

I hope this will help me get to my lonely sewing machine for more than family projects. I also have two other quilt projects I'm following and 2 more quilts I'm pretending to make for the girls.

Anyway, here is a picture of the fabrics I have choosen for this project, well at least part of January.

Again, my calendar quilt is going to be scraps of fabric from current sewing projects. Now just for me to catch-up on the sewing part... and figure out what my width will be for the "block".

Carol in PA

Jan 14

OK, what am I doing wrong now! Still trying to upload pix of my strips and organized closets and sewing room. It starts like it is uploading... the dots go half way around the yellow triange but then stops... the blue bar goes across the bottom of the screen like its loading then just sits there and looks at me. I gave up after 5 min of staring at it... willing it to work! Any suggestions???

I did get one of the background fabrics cut for all 12 blocks of my santa quilt. I traced the first block picture and chose the fabrics, so I'm ready for class on the 29th. I still need to find a second background fabric for the "flooring" part of the background for the other 11 blocks. It's too cold to go out shopping today though! 18 deg. !!! I'll wait for a heat wave to hit!

Today I think I will work on one of MY quilts... I have three... one dresden plate top that I bartered for this summer because I loved it and one carpenter's star top that Sue pieced for my birthday last March! I also have Rosewood Cottage that I hand pieced for my self and am about 1/3 done hand quilting. It's about time I completed one for myself... everyone else in the family has one from me but me! When I get tired of that I still have 2 sunbonnet sue blocks and 2 underground railroad blocks to finish for those two quilts. It's not like I have nothing to work on! LOL!!! I just need to find some energy today.


13 January 2009

Making Progress

Must be tired, I hit enter instead of tab! and almost posted a blank page!! LOL
I thought it was time to show everyone what I've done so far.

The journaling about the fabric selections is on my blog, Nana Barb's Musings.

This is going to be one big quilt!!

Barb C

Jan 13

Hi all!
Well I spent Monday morning driving through two counties, standing outside the church doors wondering where everyone was and finally reaching someone by phone only to find out my guild meeting/workshop is next Saturday and Monday. I had the dates wrong! Oh well, at least the drive and scenery were nice. I spent the afternoon catching up on paperwork. Today I finally got around to tightening and servicing my frame and quilt machine... now I'm ready to work. I went through my box of white scraps and started stripping. My original thought was to do one color per week, but after looking at everyone's pictures so far, I'm afraid they might be too bland. I can't get my picture to upload, so you'll just have to trust me on this. I'll try again later. So I'll strip fabric from a bunch of colors then start piecing my blocks.

Hubby Has Joined the Fun!!!

(OK, for the few of you that actually follow my blog--http://shellsspecialty.blogspot.com --then you will acually have already read this. In the event that you don't follow it, this will be new to you--oh, and maybe you should come check out the Shell's Specialty of the Day! I never know what wierd thought--other than quilting--might pop into my head that I'll be commenting on!)

I can't hardly believe it--well I should believe it; but still---Hubby has joined in the fun of the calendar quilt with me! I had the first 4 empty blocks of the calendar square of January complete and then the first three days of January all sewn together. Don't have the machine embroibery on it yet, but I had that first week sewn together. On the way home from work today, I asked if he would join me in making this OUR calendar quilt. He said that he could do that--but he didn't want to sew it! He can sew, but he doesn't like to do it if he doesn't have to!

Well after supper tonight, he came into my inner sanctum (otherwise known as my sewing room) and started going through fabrics. He is the one that found the dove for a Sunday, the apples for the teacher for me starting back to school after Christmas holidays, the Orca whale since we started a unit on Tuesday, the multi-colored shimmer fabric (that doesn't show up in the picture real well) for our Krewe of Harlequin (that's a group of people that get together to celebrate Mardi Gras--and for those of you that don't know what Mardi Gras is, well then, I guess you'll have to look back at last year's posts to see what Mardi Gras is all about!) meetings. And because it is colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra (for South Mississippi), he chose Minnie building a snowman for today! As a joke he chose fish for Friday. I said, "Dave, it isn't even Lent yet and we're not Catholic so we DON'T dispense of eating meat on Fridays." He said, "Yeah, I know, but I think we should have a few FISH FRIDAYS on the quilt anyway. So, this Methodist family that doesn't abstain from eating meat is having fish Fridays every once in a while on the quilt--as far as eating it? Well, I don't eat fish, at least not the normal fish--tuna from a can, yes; crab meat, shrimp, crawfish, yes; salmon--only if I don't know that's what it is!
Quilting Together,

attn: northern knitter.

please email me from an actual email address.

i got your email this morning, but i can't get back to you.
you are a 'no reply' blogger.
and when i click on your profile it's a dead end.

i wanna be able to sign you up.
but i do need some details first.
this is the only way i know to reach you.

email me at:


12 January 2009


okay ladies...
we had 2 people drop out which isn't fun, but life happens.

but the good news is...
we have 82 team members!!!

now that's cooler than cool.

keep those pics coming.
i'll post mine soon.


Here's mine. I've decided to go with seasonal fabrics with strips for special occasions thrown in. 11inch strips of varying widths. Lots of cold & snow here in northern Wisconsin so wintry strips for now. But check out that full moon we had Saturday night!
Stay warm!!! annmarie