08 January 2009

Awesome Ideas!!

Some awesome plans/ideas here for these quilts!!!
I know me so I have to NOT OVER THINK IT...just do it.
I am on the hunt though for some 'celebration' type fabs.
Like a BD cake, candle, etc for the BDs , something for our annivesary and then the reg holiday ones, which I am sure I have in the stash...;-)
Just wanted to say you all are so inspiring!!!


Fiesta said...

do we want to do some kind of fabric swap with each other.? I too am looking for birthday type fabric but I do not want to purchase .
maybe we can swap with each other about fabrics we want.

Kritta22 said...

I agree!! Everyone has such great ideas!

Oh I haven't even thought about birthdays yet! See there you go!

rachel griffith said...

oh the madness!!!

fabric swap...now that's a thought.