11 January 2009

jan 11 simple casserole cover

Here is the casserole cover Kim taught us on Thursday. It's basically two 40x14.5 inch rectangles of fabric facing each other with batting on top. Stitch around the edges leaving an opening to turn. Then top stitch around all edges and sew an x corner to corner. Do it again only cut a 4x4 square out of each end for the handles before stitching and turning. Lay the two "quilted" rectangles across each other and stitch together. Fold down and stitch the handles. Slip 3/4in dowels into the handles for carrying! It took about 1-1/2 hrs to complete! I just experimented with some cheap fabric, but if you use nice fabric, it would make a great gift for someone!

Haven't done any sewing or organizing since last Thursday. Been busy helping Mom take care of Dad, church activities and taking care of the house and family. I did manage to get the fabric quilted for my guild meeting tomorrow where we will learn another method of making casserole covers... so more pix to come.

I love all the pix of everyone's blocks. I'll get mine started and posted soon.



Kritta22 said...

What a great idea!! I sooo see this in my future for our church potlucks!

Anonymous said...

what are the handle made from?? utensils?

great idea!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I teach sewing lessons to beginners, but the pattern I have is to complicated. So this post saved the day!
Thanks again!