09 January 2009

Fri Jan 9

Hi all!
Did the shopping with my Mom yesterday... now both our freezers and pantrys are full!
Sunday I'll have to help her hang curtains and a mirror.

Met with my sewing group last night. I completed a friendship star block for my guild's charity quilt. Kim taught us to make simple casserole covers; I just have to get some dowels to complete the handles.

Tomorrow is my guild meeting and we are making casserole covers there too... different style. Also having a demo on quilted postcards. Should be interesting!

Pictures will come when I figure out my camera... only half my pictures would download... the family christmas pictures downloaded but the organizing and casserole pix didn't. I think the digital video I took in between the christmas and organizing pix is causing the problem. Will have to spend more time with the manual this weekend and figure it out.

Today I have some quilting to do to prepare for tomorrows meeting, so no more organizing this week.

Rachel, I hope you and Andrew are doing better today.
Hope everyone else is having a good day too!



Kritta22 said...

Oh so fun with all your meetings! Take good notes to share with us!

rachel griffith said...

oh casserole covers...how fun.

andrew is full force!!!
i'm the one dragging.