10 January 2009

Hello from Sweden!

My name is Helena and I live in the south of Sweden together with my hubby and our daugther, 18 years old. We also have a son, 20. The last summer my quilting studio, Syverkstan, was finished and for now I work there full time.

I joined this challenge because I wanted to document my work in some way. The Calendar Quilt is perfect for that. And it´s so fun making it together with all of you.....it will be an exciting year.
Here´s a picture of my project so far. Quite bad picture, longing for more day light...

I´ve decided to add a stripe, cut 1 1/2" x 14", from what I was working on that day. Every month will start with a little stitchery, January was stitched today. I will also add some small stitcheries, 2" x 2", now and then for special occasions.
I´m not real sure how to organize the months, but there will be some black or grey fabric added and the binding will be made of a bright fabric.

Now I will finish my little New Year stitchery so I can add it tomorrow.

Happy Stitching,



rachel griffith said...

welcome to the group.

i really like your quilt so far.

Fiesta said...

Helena it is already beautiful.

Dionne said...

I love your colors, your fabrics are fabulous!