15 January 2009

Calendar Quilt Progress Report!

So, after 2 weeks my quilt is starting to take form. I have been journalling as I go, much like others have been doing. The strip with the date is a piece of aida with cross stitching. I did a stitch-a-long over the week-end so I saved the memory. I think that there will be quite a bit of embroidery and embellishing as I go! This is such a neat project and so personal for me! If you want to see what each strip signifies, please visit me. Everyone is so inspiring and I love to go from blog to blog and visiting.

Until next time....keep stripping and sewing!


Carrie P. said...

Very nice. It is nice to see the quilt actually begin to take some shape.

rachel griffith said...

again...i love the mitten fabric!!!
i HAVE to get some of that!!!

and the penguin at the bottom made me giggle.


Simone de Klerk said...

This looks very nice, Minji! Really inspiring for me to work on it again today!
Have a happy weekend!

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