31 May 2009

I'm mortified

I hate to admit it, but the pile you see above is the first 22 days of April.  I had a rush job to make a queen size quilt fast at the beginning of April, and then the pre-op appointments for my mom's hip replacement started up.  Life just got too crazy after that!

Hopefully, now that mom's in rehab for a few weeks, I can maybe get myself caught up.  Or not, since I'll be driving up to visit her often and then going on vacation myself while I don't have to watch her 24 hours a day.  

Oh, the shame!  I've become a procrastinator!  (Or, at least a put-it-off-until-later-er...)

30 May 2009

New computer

I'm trying to transfer stuff from old laptop to new laptop...take some time. I still have software to install and waiting for new Microsoft Office 2007 to arrive so that I can install that. It is truly a learning curve for this old lady...but I am bumbling my way through it. Having my first NEW computer, not a hand me down, is really exciting. This is so much fun!

May Done With One Day Spare

Well! I can't believe it! I've actually finished the month of May and there is still one day of May left. But first ... this is my month of April.
Edit: I only finished April last weekend.

After finishing Jan, Feb, Mar I began to wonder if my stash would be able to produce 365 different fabrics so I had a thought. I asked BF Kerry if she would like to swap 30 strips from her stash with a piece of fabric from mine. Happily she agreed and so April will also be know as the month of Kerry.
Then I had another thought for May. Our LQS has packets of scraps for sale so I purchased two and was able to get 31 strips for the month of May. I had to join 4 pieces to get the width but I'm really happy with the way they came together.

The best part is I already have 16 strips cut ready for June but they have a story all of their own. You will have to check back at the end of June for that idea, sorry.
December will be Christmas fabrics and I do have a couple of new projects in the wings, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the year, but lets not rush it please.

29 May 2009

RahRah Sis Boom BAH!!!

Ok TEAM... this is the half time of the game (pick your game.. any game.. I'm sure they ALL have a soda and cookie break in the middle!)

It's almost JUNE.... 5 months of Calendar quilts and you guys are ROCKIN!!! But some of you need to catch up... and believe me if you don't catch up soon you'll be feelin badly...

So for the sake of the TEAM (and Captain R) get caught up to May... skimp... borrow ... steal some time... call in sick to your work AND your family


Su-cc-ess.... that's the way we spell..... I can't hear you................ ok... SUCCESS!!

whew... now I'm tired.. need to sit on the bench awhile


This is for May.

First time, I was able to sew and posting as scheduled. Hope this will continue throughout :-)

28 May 2009

The year so far..

I am loving this calendar quilt challenge!

Here are my months so far, January (blue), February (pink & red), March (green), April (flowers yellow & green), and May (purple & pink).

Can't wait to see everyone else's pictures!

my status

well, i moved, and you know the deal with that. moved into a camper on my mother in law's property. use my sewing machine very little in her house, when the housework and kids allow. I do have about a week into May done. I really need to catch up. I will post pics when the hubby gets home with the camera. I really love doing this challenge and am loving my quilt so very much. but the living arrangements right now are difficult. I sure would love to see and hear where you all are at!!



So I will be the first to fess up.... I am halfway through Feb...This is May, right??

Gee..... I am in need of some team spirit....quick....

Here is what my design wall looks like...

oh, it looks like I am only about 7 strips into February. Further behind than I thought...

On a better note, I went to see Top Chef the 20 City Tour yesterday. Want to meet my sister and see pics? Click here...

I promise to catch up...soon...


pep rally time!!!

hey yall.

so how's it going here in calendar quilt challenge land???
not alot of action going on.

i think we are in need of a pep rally!!!

i want to encourage EVERYONE to show us your stuff.
no matter if you are behind.
no matter if you only have 2 strips for the month of april.
no matter if you are already into june.

show us whatever block {or strip} you are currently working on.
come on...let the encouragement begin!!!

i'm hoping to come back here to find a whole lot of posts added.
who knows, maybe we can do a little drawing for those that participate.

27 May 2009


Just managed to complete my April block and was totally exhausted..... !

18 May 2009

May block in progress

My birthday is May 11, so I added a bit of Snoopy for that day (I heart Snoopy!) and my little one turned 5 on the 17th, and she picked a confetti fabric. The whole month is pink and purple which are her favourite colours.

13 May 2009

Waving to everyone!

Waving Waving WAVING!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see me wave???

You are All doing SUCH a wonderful job keeping up.... I look at the blog all the time to see your progress.

The other day I got back MY Calendar quilt. It's been gone about a year or more..first to do the book then it stays at the publisher to travel to the trade shows.

Tomorrow I head out to Pittsburgh to the quilt trade show.. will be looking at novelty prints... maybe find something FUN for the Death By Quilting games! Maybe for me!!

Keep up the FABULOUS work of getting your project done each month.. It will be SO WORTH IT when you finish!

ps - don't forget I have a free alphabet if you want to put words on your quilt.. maybe a quote in the border?

pat sloan

The Year is Almost Half Over!!!

I can't believe how time is flying by! I am so not one to have unfinished projects laying around, it absolutely drives me bananas!!! So ... I have finished my blocks for this calendar challenge ... yep, all 365 strips! I will post a block each month, but hope to have it assembled and quilted by the end of the summer.

Here is my block for April...

And here is my block for May...

April is finally done!

My April block is finished, mostly light yellows and greens, all flowers to represent early spring. I started working on May today too, and will share it as soon as I am up to date! I now have planned out the rest of the calendar months too, with a little help from my three kids. We only have June and September without colour ideas...any suggestions?