11 January 2009

Better Late Than Never

Hi everyone,
Shelly from the Mississippi Gulf Coast here. I have had idea after idea hit me on how to do this. And for a "simple" quilt, I'm getting ideas that may or may not be so simple! Wouldn't be the first time that ever happened--not being so simple that is! I keep thinking that if I just do strips it is going to be absolutely HUGE. If I do squares I could make it look more like a calendar--putting "blank" squares in for days when it runs into the next month. I also was thinking of using machine embroidery for the days that have special days--like birthdays, the birth of my first grandchild in May, the marriage of our son in April, etc. I also thought about doing something on "regular holidays" like New Years, July 4, Easter, Valentine's Day (yes I know those are not in date order), Mardi Gras, etc. But I'll get to that after I figure out what size strips, squares, blocks, whatever I'm going to use to piece this together. I'm so excited about getting to do this. Thanks Rachel for letting me join in with y'all.
Quilting Together,


madakamom said...

Glad you could join us. I like the square idea looking like a calendar!


rachel griffith said...

looking like a calendar...that's interesting.
can't wait to see it.

Kritta22 said...

Welcome, chica!!

I can't wait to see pictures!