05 January 2009

please & thank you.

look over at the right taskbar and see if YOUR name is there.
{also check the link to your blog!!!}
there are 2 team list.
one for bloggers.
and one for non bloggers.

if you are not there just email me.
i'll fix it ASAP.

to everyone being patient with me.
i have skipped over a few people by accident.
thank you for bringing it to my attention.

with a group this size it was a little overwhelming to start everything up.
{with the blog and emails...lol.}
but i think everything is under control now.
my inbox is empty.

so far:
there are 53 team members!!!
that's awesome!!!

i have 39 people that have accepted the email invites.
i also have 13 people with open invites in their emails.
leaving 1 missing email address.
so if you have checked your email...
and you do NOT have an invite...
please email me.


Regi said...

Thank you Rachel, for everything you are doing to get this challenge started and running smoothly.


Dianah said...

Thank You Rachel for getting us ALL together. You have done a WONDERFUL job.


rachel griffith said...

yall are sweet.