15 January 2009

Quick question

Alright so my wonderful hubby said I get a new machine with our tax return!! I know, right?!!

So I've been thinking of this one...
Sapphire 870

What kind of machines do you guys have? An ideas??

I want a machine that I can quilt my quilts. i'm not into embroidery.

Any thoughts I will be grateful for!!



lani said...

Wish I could help my machine is so old it is the same age as my son 25....So what do I know but that one looks really sweet...Good Luck and Good Hunting...Lani

Kritta22 said...

Thanks Lani! I love that you sewing machine is still running after 25 years! AWESOME!!! They just don't make things like that anymore!

Helena said...

All my machines have been Husqvarna, and my mother has one too. Hers is older than me (47) and still works...quality...Swedish :)
I have one 1070, my oldest at home, a basic one, and here in my studio I use Rose for quilting (Because I have all the accessories to that machine) and a Designer II, my best friend. I´m satisfiend with how they works and not much troubles...

T said...

I have four requirements of a quilting/sewing machine: Needle down capability. Knee-lift or other auto lifting capability. Ability to drop the feed dogs. A vertical bobbin (NOT a drop-in bobbin).

The 'built in" walking foot that some machines have (I know some Pfaffs do) is nice, but not necessary for me.

It would be hard to only buy as much machine as you need - I have more than one friend who has a machine that will do everything but park your car and even after 2 or 3 years, they haven't learned how to use any of the nifty functions that they just had to have when they bought it!

I have a Bernina Quilter's Edition that doesn't embroider or hook up to the internet. I still don't use all of the bells and whistles on this 10-year-old machine (but it meets my four requirements!). I quilt complicated motifs on everything from potholders to oversized queen quilts.

Tracy in SW WA

Fiesta said...

I have this machine but rarely use it for quilting.
The Bernina Quilters edition is the one I quilt qith and it is a jewel. I love it!

Stacey said...

I have a Singer 5050c that I bought at Walmart 10 years ago. I really want a Bernina, but cannot afford one at this time, maybe I can save up for one. I have a cheesy pic of my machine on my blog, I kinda like it though, we've done quite a bit together and for the most part she runs pretty smooth.

madakamom said...

I bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter 3 yeas ago and love it... am quilting for others as well as myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! How exciting for you to be getting a NEW MACHINE!! I feel all happy for you =)

So here are some things to look for that make quilting SO much easier!
-needle up/needle down
- a 1/4 inch setting
- make sure it comes with a spring loaded free motion foot and a walking foot (hey you are paying big money these should be included)
- blanket stitch setting (for doing quick applique)
-automatic thread cutter is awesome too if you can get it.

I bought a decorators choice Baby Lock machine this summer after alot shopping around and I absolutely love it. It sews nicely, comes with all the attachments, and automatically cuts my threads which is just the best thing ever!!

Shop around for sure at all the different Machine Shops (Viking, Bernina/Baby Lock, Pfaff, and try them all out. You would be surprised how differently they all sew.

Kritta22 said...

Oh my I have a lot of machines to go look at!! Thank you sooo much for all your feedback! Off to go online looking!!

andsewon said...

I have several older machines that work just fine, 1955, 1960, treadle all Singers...also newer small Singer I use on the go. My home work horse is the Virtuosa 150 QE Bernina. Very happy with it, just wish I could get the Stitch Reg for it though..if I had known it would be out the very next year would have waited...;-(
I do reccomend you go and sew on all machines you are interested in.


I just brought my 7 year old Janome machine in for repairs again. I happened to look at the JUKI industrial TL98QE, I gave it a whirl, and I have to say, industrial, if you sew a lot like I do, (20 quilts in three months) the speed is amazing,(faster than my bernina serger) you can sew just about anything on it. leather jeans etc, nothing fancy. just speed, up, down, free motion, It rocked. price, was $645 Not that I am excited to pay that much but I think my home machine was about $400 when I bought that 7 years ago.

OliviasMyKid said...

I have a Husqvarna Designer I and I LOVE it. Great machine,

~ Christine

Robin C said...

I have always had Husqvarnas and they are great, dependable, easy to use and sew perfect. If fact I have a Designer 1 for sale if anyone is interested. great price and it embroiders too. But you won't be sorry you got one, the Sapphire is a nice machine. I have the Designer Diamond, The Mega Quilter and quilt frame, the Designer 1 and love them all.

rachel griffith said...

all i have to say is...
i'll still be your bff!!!


Jacqui's Quilts said...

Definitely a Singer 15-88 treadle sewing machine LOL! That's what I use to sew the majority of my quilts. I have a vintage walking foot for it that sews like a dream and it drops the feed dogs and I do my free motion quilting with it as well. When I do need zigzag, I have a Bernina 807 minimatic and an 830 which I bought for less than $100.00. Love those antique and vintage machines!

Jacqui in frigid Canada

Simone de Klerk said...

I've always had Pfaff sewing machines. My mother has one that is more than 50 years old and still working! But I would take a contemporary one (LOL)

Lisa said...

I love my Janome 6600 It is a dream to do stippling with and it came with 14 feet.My sewing machine dealer had all the known brands in the store but she said the Janome machines are the ones they see the least come in for servicing.

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