07 January 2009

January 1st - 6th Strips

Here are my first strips! Oh what fun! I really think that my colours have meshed well....I hope that it will continue. I'm going to do some journalling with this quilt because of the personal nature of it. I have started on my blog but have added more in a file. As the quilt gets going I will plan what to do with the journalling...maybe something on the backside? It is amazing how much material is in the stash! :)...And there seems to be a piece of material for every reason!

I am loving this and love what is coming out so far. I have yet to go through many of the blogs but hmmmm...there seems to be a snowstorm coming, which means hometime ;)....so I will be back to peruse and comment!

Peggy in Quebec


rachel griffith said...

i love the mitten fabric peggy!!!
your quilt is really taking shape!!!

Nanabarb said...

I really like your idea of journal on your blog. I may have to try that out. By the end of a year of projects galore, I can imagine myself saying, 'Why that piece of fabric? What was I thinking?" LOL

Kritta22 said...

Oh I love it all!! Nice work!