13 January 2009

Jan 13

Hi all!
Well I spent Monday morning driving through two counties, standing outside the church doors wondering where everyone was and finally reaching someone by phone only to find out my guild meeting/workshop is next Saturday and Monday. I had the dates wrong! Oh well, at least the drive and scenery were nice. I spent the afternoon catching up on paperwork. Today I finally got around to tightening and servicing my frame and quilt machine... now I'm ready to work. I went through my box of white scraps and started stripping. My original thought was to do one color per week, but after looking at everyone's pictures so far, I'm afraid they might be too bland. I can't get my picture to upload, so you'll just have to trust me on this. I'll try again later. So I'll strip fabric from a bunch of colors then start piecing my blocks.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

I don't think it will be bland at all. After all, everyone's days and weeks are different, so why shouldn't everyone's quilts be different? I kind of like the idea. Do what YOU want and don't worry about the rest of us that are doing our own things as well. After all, my first 12 days has 16 pieces instead of 12!
Quilting Together,

rachel griffith said...

it wouldn't be bland.
do what you want.